Myths N' Legends Picture

From the old Myths and Legends of the world, here are 20 OCs based on the Mythological creatures we all know and love.

Top Row

Willow the Ent
Quinn the Hydra
Bonk the Cyclops
Buck the Centaur
Azarath the Wizard

2nd Row

Misty the Unicorn
Hercules the Pegasus
Kong the Orc
Belle the Elf
Elsa the Faun
Sarah the Werewolf
Aiko the Jorogumo (Spider/Woman hybrid)

Bottom Row

Garth the Chimera
Sally the Sphinx
Fiona the Phoenix
Duchess the Dragon
Spike the Church Grim
Balin the Dwarf
Grim the Goblin
Fang the Imp

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