MYth: My Seasons p. 00 Picture

(old drawing because I don't have time to draw a new cover...XD)

the short story about how Hades met Persephone.
I am CURRENTLY working on this, so it won't be like "Our Promise" where I can post them up fast. I am working on this one page by page, so it'll be really slow.

it's going to be under 20 pages (I think) and I also want to remind you again that..."MYth" is a collection of short stories based on MY interpretation, or my version of Greek mythology. (just in case if you are wondering why the storyline is different from what you learned)

OH! and by the way...
this short story is a rather...boring(?) one... WAIT, I can't find the right word to describe it.....uh...maybe it's....dry(?)....I am not sure.... I just know that it's not "exciting" or "fun", but I do think it's got "emotion" (?)
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