Twist on the PY Myths: Luison Picture

The New Paraguayan Mythology Suite: Luison.

Chapter 7:

El sé
Luisõ habita en los campos santos y se alimenta de los cadáveres que allí desentierra. Se le puede escuchar en las noches de luna llena, cuando emite sus lastimeros y aterrorizadores aullidos trepado a las lá
Luisõ fue el último alumbramiento de Kerana.

Tau, parece concentrarse ahora en alimentar el malvado espíritu de su prole y se olvida de la doncella. Vejada y arruinada la pobre Kerana duerme cada vez más para evitar las lágrimas, infructuosamente, pues hasta en sueños llora...

Kerana's seventh childbirth was as terrible as the previous six. This time, her womb bore a counterfeited creature. Its head, similar to that of a dog, bears a long row of sharp teeth of different sizes. Its small ears point upwards from the top of the head. Its thin dry body and its half-human half-claw limbs give it an ungraceful look. He will be known as Luisô.
Luisô inhabits the graveyards and feeds on corpses that it unearths. He can be heard on full moon nights, when it howls horribly and mournfully upon the graves. Luisô was Kerana's last bearing. Tau now seems to focus on feeding the evil spirit of its offspring and therewith forgets the maiden. Old and ruined, Kerana sleeps on to avoid the tears, only to find that even in sleep she cries…

From the Jorge Montesino's Book: Mitología Paraguaya.

Excellent Translation by my dear friend and Executive English Teacher: Sascha Rosenberger.
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