Hindu Mythology - Uchchaishravas Picture

This is something I did during last semester for a project in school.

The goal was to do an anatomy project for my drawing class - drawing all three layers of skin, muscles, and bones. However, somehow or other, we convinced our professor to let us do mythological creatures instead of humans. That way we would have to use our imaginations to come up with how the interior structure of these monsters would work, and we did the entire project like pages in a bestiary. Basically, it was the best school project ever.

As the title says, obviously, I didn't make this character up - all the information on this page is taken from the original Hindu myth. Except for the video game-ish elemental traits. I just made that up. However, I didn't want to just draw a horse with 7 heads, and thought it would be cool to stick all the heads on different parts of his body and four of them were rotating around a long neck. Basically, I wanted to make him look like the most screwed-up unicorn you've ever seen in your life. Also, all those markings underneath his name are his name written in Sanskrit.

I did the drawings of the muscles and bones and everything, but I designed the project to open up like a book, so I can't really get the drawings onto my scanner without ripping the thing apart. That was not smart of me.

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