Mythology Picture

Of gods and myths - Norse mythology

Loki is the guy -> [link]

Fenri is the wolf -> [link]

Loki is the father of Fenri.

D: Well, this project is for my class. I guess is okayz. Though, I wish I would of made Fenri more bigger. But I can tell them in class that he can change size~

I guess you can sort of tell what's happening in the picture. For me, Loki is talking to his son, Fenri, while Fenri is hiding in the shadows. Loki is just standing on the wall pretending that his by himself.

Idk what they're talking about really. Must be something that happend and I guess he's explaning a plan of some sort....

Or IDK!!! Well... I hope you enjoy.

OH!!! And one more thing, Loki is a shape shifter! Just thought to let you know on that. X3

Art by ME!!! (InvaderD)
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