Mythology with a Twist: Meleager and Atalanta Picture

To continue with the "Mythological Couples" series Myrto and I started we chose a not so well known one: Meleager and Atalanta

here you can read Myrto's wonderful story for them: Mythology with a Twist: Meleager and Atalanta“I can’t believe you’ve allowed a woman to join our hunt! People are already talking behind your back.” Plexippus said.
“She’s very skilled.” Meleager answered calmly. “You’ve seen her in action.”
“That does not change the fact that she is a woman!” His uncle responded. “She has no place here!”
“I can’t ask her to leave! She was one of the first people to answer my call for help!”
“Who would want a woman on their team?” His uncle pressed. “And if they did, it certainly wouldn’t be because of her skills!”
Meleager felt his blood beginning to boil. He was head of this mission, he would not stand being told what to do.
The boar that Artemis had sent against Calydon was wreaking havoc on his father’s kingdom, so he’d do anything in his power to stop it.
All good hunters were more than welcome; what if one of them happened to be a woman?

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PS this whole series will go with a story so stay tuned!!
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