Wurm Picture

An old Relative of the Dragon, and the same universe as the majority of my creations, called Elevannes. It is possibly one of the most terrifying creatures in that world. the creatures are vicious and were they go tends to have catclysmic problems...with them.
The fastest Wurm is called the Racer Wurm, and can travel upto 100 mph. The Horned Wurm is probably the Worst of the lot, it is the one that is pictured. The other Wurms are the Speckled Wurm, the Blind Wurm (that lives underground), the Ebony Wurm, and the Bearded Wurm (which is the Largest at 280 feet long). The Average Wurm is around 220 feet long and 6 feet tall.
Wurms were inspired by the Wurms of Magic The Gathering, and our own mythology.
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