Ashido Region Map, v.2, WIP Picture

For untold years, man has wondered what lies beyond the stars. Do certain kinds of Pokémon and Fakemon truly exist amongst the glittering dots suffusing the night sky, or have they always begun with a genesis born of the earth and suffered exodus outward throughout the course of history? Few philosophers have ever settled upon an answer to satisfy themselves, let alone the masses, and scientists can be said to claim no better... until recent times.

There is a reason no mythology outside of the whole Izaga Region gives mention to Izagi, Izami, and their numerous children and servants, let alone the first-sire Amenushi and his second-batch of
Kami, the Ashuras- why is it that the Weather Trio, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza are known from continent to continent and sea to sea? Why is it that the heralds of creation, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and their ultimate master, Arceus, are known from Sinnoh to Unova?

The answer is that Amenushi and his lone son and daughter are the true aliens, born from the cold depths of a distant void and wrapped in the dust of a dying star for the bitter journey to this world. In truth their nearest relative outside of their own is the virus
Deoxys, for it too comes from outside of this world.

From these unearthly monsters came a new continent, soon sundered in half, and later into thirds and quarters as they raged against themselves. From their corrupted energy inundating their land sprang forth mutated evolutions and pre-evolutions of otherwise natural Pokémon and Fakemon.

There is no doubt that the humans who would eventually settle upon these cursed lands would soon become tainted the same, embroiling the weaker species in a war that they could never have comprehended before.

A feud was soon brewed between Amenushi and his first-children, Izagi and Izami, and while he was scorned and exiled to the bottom third of their jointly-created land by their unison, he gained revenge by corrupting the relationships between Organagi and Hayasusa, the first event in the eventual sealing of all the Kami to their land.

In the final days before his own slumber, when he tried to march upon
Eastern and Western Izaga, his strength was stolen from his form and his gluttonous rage was channeled into two safety measures cast by Kyotsuka, giving life to Regiken and Regiryu. Bereft of these primal sources, he succumbed to the same abysmal rest that Izagi and Izami fell into at the same moment, and his Ashura fell one by one in due time.


And here we are, several months after the Eastern/Western Izaga Region Map was posted. This is Southern Izaga, the once-autonomous Ashido Region, and the source of all of the woes in the present time, being the home of Paladin Izaya and the Cult of Izaya he created there.

The Shadow and Light types originate with Amenushi and his Ashura.

The regional control has been loosely returned to new Ashido Conference members, and the people themselves have been gradually cowed by Amega Oumi's showings decades before.


Uchuushinzou(Heart of the Alien) - a mountain range and surrounding grassland said to represent Amenushi's heart. It thrums and trembles, but modern technology has set balancers deep beneath the soil to counteract the kinetic buildup and prevent earthquakes.

Uchuushigai(Corpse of the Alien) - a wide grassland that radiates an unnatural heat from underground. Many of Ashido's people reside within the domain of Uchuushigai, with several towns scattered across it. Amunishi's body is represented in the shape of the area.

Uchuumayu(Cocoon of the Alien) - the discarded shell that contained Amunishi and his children, which held their primordial essense in the breadth of space.

Choukokusanchou/Sanchoukoku(Chisel Peak) - part of the wide hilly range near Uchuushinzou, with the second-lake, Wyuu Lake, contained between three particular sections.

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