Children of the Sun Picture

.To call it by its proper name would be Empeer av the Zeen. Bit of a warning there are many errors in the slideshow (if i accidentally say Ninos instead of Narizota you know whats happened, also obvious mistakes on the slideshow shouldn't be there such as the bit of America that isn't filled in for ages is actually America i just missed it.)

This is another Ninos society where these ones are called Narizota, Spanish for "big nose".

I have also realized recently that naming the Ninos concept what it is was a silly decision. First off Spanish would of seen/heard of Ninos as female in most versions and Ninos i think is male, second i doubt the Spanish would call Ninos children in the first place because they would see/hear of Ninos as being a pretty similar height too themselves (remember people were smaller back then, average around 5 foot ish i think, though the Ninos would generally be a bit smaller its not enough too call them children)

So Narizota what makes them different from other Ninos concepts? First off they generally look allot like the original Ninos inspiration ( [link] ), however unlike the other Ninos who evolved almost entirely in the sort of Texas area these ones evolved in northern Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico and such.

So Narizota are dessert monkeys essentially, set back by their environment in terms of permanent expansion but creating a very tough species of monkey.

Physical changes.
The rather small yet strong (at least for their size) ancestors/relative of the capuchins came into the desert as a tiny hairy pest too the mega fauna that lived in North America.
But of course they evolved.
They became taller, upright and tailess of course, but there was a much bigger change. As their skin was exposed too the baking sun (except their afros protecting their heads) the skin formed rather thickened outer layer of skin (keratin) too ward off allot of the sun. It didn't form on the palms but did eventually form on the souls too protect them and since they are of course walking the souls got very rough looking. The skin (i think) would also give a yellowish tinge seeing as how they are dead cells.

They have big pretty hooked noses with large nostrils (big noses and nostrils are considered attractive features for Narizota) designed for cooling them down. They once again have fangs, they might have slightly squarish nails for scrapping meat of corpses.

Face wise it would be a bit of a small face, almost no eyebrow ridge, rather more rounded than us dark eyes, nose as i already explained, pretty thin lips i imagine being primarily meat eaters and still a more square face with a slightly protruding jaw (which even some of us have anyway).

How they live/or more lived:
Unlike most other Ninos versions male and female relations are that bit more realistic. The ratio of males would be pretty similar too capuchins, males would generally rule over a group of females for a while perhaps with a brother or so and be very hostile too other males.

Narizota used too live much like us as scavengers, little pests to the old mega fauna. In generally though they would eat and drink whatever they could get their hands on but never really hunted.

They used too meet other groups at lakes or rivers where they would get social and males would fight/kill each other and the groups of females would gain new males. As a larger group from the watering holes they may have hunted small animals or went for a riskier corpses. The water areas would of been gathering places for many animals and the Narizota would have too watch they aren't hunted themselves (i can imagine some of the huge megafauna birds would be a problem out in the desert).

Another little things they would of done would probably be too rub a combination of dirt and blood on themselves as a sort of primitive make up taken from the way the capuchins may rub fruit on themselves too smell better and the Narizota just carried it on with a bit of a different idea. Narizota may have their own sort of perfume in which they pee on each other, and they may pee on their feet out in the desert to kind of moisturize them (capuchins pee on their feet but nobodys that sure why).

Now for religion:
Ancient Narizota religion would of been pretty simple i imagine, sun worship, water worship stuff like that. But by the 19th century the new form of the ancient Ninos religion was rather more complex.

In the new Narizota religion the Sun/Zeen/Zun is the most powerful God. The sun is the Gods right eye whilst the moon is his left, thus on the eclipse making the Cross-Eyed God (he is almost always depicted as it) it is a time where he is most powerful on Earth. The thing about the sun and moon being his eyes is it means he can see what is going on earth, see if your being "bad" in a way and when its an eclipse both eyes are seeing at the same time thus allowing him too influence the Earth.

This brings us too the question of what happens if it clouds over?

Though the primitive Ninos wouldn't of seen that much cloud the later ones would of.
Cloud and rain are a collection of Gods who of course block out the sun God and allowed the beasts of the world too do things without him seeing.

Does it make these cloud Gods bad in Narizota eyes? No not really. They are discouraged in most cases but they are no evil beings. The sun cloud thing is better explained with the creation story.
In the beginning the world was cold, dark and everything was blind. There was no sun only clouds. But eventually the sun broke through the clouds bringing light and warmth (defeating cold which is separate from clouds) and taking away creatures blindness.

You may think the sun will be the one who created life in Narizota mythology but you'd be wrong.
It is the sea/water or generally just water. Life was created by the sea God where most of it went towards land (accidentally i imagine since they probably couldn't see), other bodies of water are extensions of the sea God.

Now the sea God had a rival, lava and other substances from bellow the ground. For the Narizota the sea God defeated the likes of the lava and more or less sat on them. However in areas where the lava (i should really name it something else) almost broke too the surface was land.
Never the less it still tries in the form of volcanoes and earth quakes.

And this brings us onto our final God.

Cold, in Narizota mythology the creators of us thus also making us very separate from every other animal who were created by the sea.

There isn't much too the cold its more just a foul God rather lacking in anything its main purpose was the creation of humans.
Too most modern Narizota following their religion humans are cheap copies of Narizota created by the cold. The reason they associate us humans with the cold is that we came from the north during the ice age and weren't very good at living in the desert so a natural association with the cold came about. This also excluded humans from every other animal as i explained earlier.

Also unlike in most of our religions Narizota are nothing special too the Gods. For most of us we seem too be the center of the Gods attention, i think this probably came about when we became very good hunters and developed self centeredness on the idea.
However for the Narizota they were always pretty low on the food chain, probably thinking many other species were more intelligent than themselves, so they became just another animal in the eyes of their Gods.

Now onto the actual history.

About 10,000 ish years ago Narizota met humans who eventually enslaved all of them over time. In the north the populations weren't that bad since society never really reached a level where a huge slave population was needed.

However further south (Ninos slaves actually rarely got into South America) there were slaves many slaves. Females were the main slaves where as men took up the role as beserkers generally.
Beserkers were in many ways like dogs but simply bred for war and decorated in a rather mutilation fashion.

When the Spanish arrived they would of probably found Narizota very early and gave them there name. After the conquest of Mexico the Narizota probably rebelled tons which led too many of them being killed.

Narizota in what would be America are odd in terms of their origin. Nobody is exactly sure but it can be guessed the females generally came from native tribes in the area and males came from Mexico.
But Narizota never replaced blacks as the main slave population since they were more complicated too hold with ties too natives and such.

Most escaped Narizota in from America and Mexico fled too their old homeland. There they formed the likes of the Narizota religion and many tribes.

With the first slideshow (from the rather crappy slideshow) we have the Narizota tribes in orange and a rather important tribe of the Ehdoak (a mutation of Red Rock) in red.

[link] this now comes into importance as it details the early days of the greatest leader of the Ehdoak.

As you can see by 1861 they had greatly expanded driving rival tribes before them (note the blank bit just above their sort of middle territory is Apache who they were very rarely in conflict with).

With the start of the American Civil War the Ehdoak allied with the Confederacy too take lands in the west and invaded California. The tactic of scout tribes which would more or less act like bandits in border areas areas and essentially watch the borders.

Next the Ehdoak, or Empire of the Sun as it is now being called, is more or less the owners of the west and are raiding deep into Mexico. Despite America's civil war being finished they still tended too think of the Ehdoak as simple bandits more than a fighting force.

Round about 1868 Queen Victoria encountered a Narizota in London and was fascinated by her. The Queen decided too take a tribe too what the Narizota had described as the Empire of the Sun.

In 1870 Queen Victoria and a rather large entourage (including Charles Darwin) landed in San Francisco bay. San Francisco bay at the time wasn't much more with perhaps a small town. She was welcomed by 30 odd year old Narizota by the name of Zan Eywater (Sun Daughter) and her own entourage who were oddly for Narizota wearing clothes (though not oddly for Narizota around the San Francisco area since it would be a bit cold).

During the meeting humans within the empire were largely kept out of sight. Many things were discussed and eventually many things were signed in the oddest political move Britain would ever would. In 1870 the Empire of the Sun was an officially recognized nation by the British Empire. Knowing that the empire would have war declared on it soon by Mexico and America the Queen initially wanted too put British military support behind the empire but by officials it was largely refused based on the idea that the British public wouldn't like it either. Never the less Britain supplied them with a very large amount of weapons and military training (though the training didn't go that well, Narizota preferred fighting their own way and the British soldiers weren't really sure how too train them).
Despite those official borders there Ninos were still spread out of those borders.

19 years later and Zan Eywater had been dead a while and the Empire of the Sun split into two succession camps, however neither side gained ground on one another.

As you can tell America and Mexico have been pushing at them rather successfully, mainly due too a sort of plague that was tearing through the Narizota. By 1889 in what is viewed as a very controversial decision by Narizota one of the succession factions conquered the other but still the Americans advanced.

More and more territory loss as you can see until 1902 when full defeat is established and America gains new territories. Then in the early years of the 20th century America gains 3 new states with the one that cuts Texas in half and takes some of Mexico being Lincoln whilst the other two take their name from the Mexican states they were once part of.

Now for details on the Empire of the Sun.

The most important thing in the Empire of the Sun was warfare as the empire was pretty much born on a species wide survival instinct, something Darwin noted.

The Narizota were certainly excellent combatants. Most of the population could be drawn too fight giving them a rather large army, though rather disorganized. They mainly fought on horses, but could easily dismount if necessary. Males were generally divided between separate bands and were often the most brutal bunch within the Narizota army.
The Narizota also probably painted themselves and their horses or the like i'd imagine, i imagine they'd be quite a sight anyway.
The biggest advantage of the Narizota army was that they needed almost no supplies.
Instead with they eat pretty much any natural thing they got their hands which made them a very fast army.

Life inside the empire was pretty simple. If you were a Narizota and were not called too military service or weren't pregnant you would more or less be free to do whatever you want pretty much, in a way it was anarchy.

Humans on the other had were generally confined to certain areas or were used for various tasks. The most common was spying and acquiring more guns, and too avoid them running off their families would be kept behind. A common task for human and Narizota was finding gold which would then be used too pay Britain for the weapons.
Things weren't all bad for humans though, they weren't slaves within the empire (though many were killed during the takeover) afterall. Many became a bit more like the Narizota in some ways, hunting more stuff like that (those with cattle would have a problem of Narizota just killing the beasts anyway), in general things did become allot more rustic.
Towns still existed populated by humans all year round for most and then Narizota would live there in most winters. Still many towns were left with few people as more humans went nomad specially if large populations stayed and exhausted the natural resources. So towns also become more run down.

Now for modern day.

Some population statistics: Overall Narizota population would be perhaps 10 million so about 3% of the US population ( i think). As you can tell with the last side there are the wrongly named Ninos states since i never came up with the name Narizota yet, most Narizota live in these states.
The population of all these states is perhaps 30 million or a bit more, so even in them Ninos are not the majority.

The area began "recovering" from the Empire of the Suns lifestyle by the 40's and into the 50's becoming very much a sort of rejuvenated area from Narizota tourism, Westerns which later set up films in general, military stuff and general migration from rural areas most notably many blacks from the old rural south.

Narizota never fought (males that is) in WW2 since they were not American citizens, they were also still segregated within the cities.

The Narizota tourist industry was in a way what saved the Narizota from being wiped out when the empire collapsed (though the way both sides treated one another in the collapse you'd think they wanted too, for both sides everyone from babies too the old were killed pretty much). However it was more or less a piss take of Narizota, though many scientists had their own sort of Narizota tourism in a way, took a different approach at the whole thing. Narizota faces of big round eyes, hooked noses and big teeth became sort of comical images in mid 20th century America and the like.

Narizota did gain some allies in the sixties and up too the present day in the form of hippies and new age movements which converted many Narizota too the idea as well. The main draws for such movements was the naturalness of the Narizota but one of the biggest original reasons was protection Narizota from the nuclear tests and the fallout from it.

By now 3 groups of Narizota have cropped up, traditional, new age and city. Traditional is what it says on the tin, most notable for thinking humans are inferior in most cases and increasingly hostile towards the tourist industry, new age i have already explained pretty much most abandoned the old religion but some changed it around. City ones are probably the largest group population wise, more or less are what it says on the tin. Often face violence against them and "racism" (speciesism anyone?), they would also have a notable Narizota subculture. Many might still follow the old religion too various degrees, some could be Christian but i very much doubt it since of course they aren't human. I'd like too think music wise they have almost their own rather underground genre that i imagine would be much along the lines of rock from the hippy influences and the early black influences. Clothing wise i am sure they would also dress rather different from us wearing not that much but enough too avoid being raped, probably going home turning up the heating and getting naked.

When it comes too speech Narizota sort of has its own language which the traditionalists speak with wildly different accents ranging from originating from Spanish too originating from English. Its the same kind of speech that would produce Empeer av the Zeen and Zan Eywater. When speaking English Narizota would still sound pretty different from us and i can imagine a number of us would struggle too understand what allot of them are saying. In general though they'd probably sound more high pitched than us.
How they say their actual name would probably resemble Na-ze-ta, or Na-zo-ta.

I think that is all.

I have a big feeling the slideshow idea was a disaster.
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