Twisted Picture

Now, what do we have here? A twisted female creature with horns, claws and a frightening visage?

Ah, I take that back. She wouldn't like it at all. It's her first time appearing on dA, and I give her such a description? She would frankly have my hide!

Meet my new OC, folks--brand new with a design I came up just today. She is based off a real figure from ancient Chinese mythology and hails from the time of the legendary Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors--an era reputed to have seen the rules of several wise sages and bloody tribal wars with demons and monsters thrown in for good measure.

Nu Ba (or Han Ba)
Name Meaning:
Female Demon or Drought Demon
Gender: Female
Race: Mystic
Height: 1.69m
Hair:Black with flecks of red and brown
Eyes: Heterochromia; left yellow, right orange
Weapon: Gauntlets with stretchable claw-digits
Origin: Mystic Realm
Bio: The Mystic of Drought. She came to the Human Realm eons ago to create the natural phenomenon and usually resides on the remote slopes of Mt. Kunlun. The human ruler Huang Di adopted her as his sworn daughter, and she remained faithful to him until his death.
During the decisive battle against the rampaging demon army of Chi You, Nu Ba played an extremely important role. She used her unique ability to repel the storms generated by the Mystics Feng Bo and Yu Shi. Thanks to her efforts, her sworn father's victory was ensured. She met and fell in love with the dragon general Ying Long following the war's end, but the two of them had to part ways and she spent the next thousand years on Mt. Kunlun alone.
Upon Orochi's creation of the Dimensional Realm she and many other Mystical beings were sent to a plane of reality that served as a sort of "prison world". Currently she is teaming up with Ying Long and her other inmates to find a means of breaking free...
Personality: Nu Ba is as ruthless as the natrual phenomenon she embodies. She is unforgiving towards her foes, utterly overwhelming them with her raw fiery power. In reality, though, there is another side of her--one that is much different from the side she shows in battle. She actually has a low self-esteem and constantly bewails her twisted appearance, getting jealous when she sees females more beautiful than herself. Her envy can incarnate as anything from snide comments to a full-fledged rampage, but the latter only happens when a certain amount of rage has been building up inside of her. It can also be triggered if any comment is made about her being ugly.
Despite her poor body image and tendency to become infuriated, Nu Ba can prove herself to be an extremely devoted friend or daughter. She has eternal gratitude to those who support her and is willing to sacrifice anything for them. She is also adept at working with a team as long as no remarks are made about her looks. As such, she can be an invaluable ally if one knows what to do and how to speak.
Abilities: Nu Ba is a spirit of drought. She can cause this phenomenon to happen by either her will or rage. She is a wielder of the fire element and often incorporates flame or heat-based attacks into her fighting style. Releasing waves or blasts of heat is her specialty; the high temperatures of these attacks can cause ignitions to occur, making her moveset extremely destructive. It also serves as an effective way to repel any water or ice-based attacks, and as such she has been known to stop severe rainstorms and blizzards completely.
Nu Ba is also able to use her manipulation of heat to perform many other feats. Some of them include creating warm updrafts to aid in flight, creating glass from sand and conjuring mirages.
"I'll incinerate you all!"
"The drought season has come!"
"Another enemy reduced to ashes!"
"Feeling hot? It's because I'm around."
"Do you think I look pretty?"
"I wish I was as good looking as you..."
"Thanks. I thought I had been smothered."
"Never say that I am ugly!!"

Alright...that's pretty much enough for an introduction.
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