Ysthli, the Blue Oyster Picture

So here is what Lawrence's cult worships. (She's my own creation but is inspired by Lovecraft's mythos. And BOC of course.)

Ysthli is one of the Great Old Ones; she resembles an oyster with a giant purple eyeball instead of a pearl. Her "body"/foot is made of a writhing mass of goo in which one can glimpse far reaches of the universe. She can form tentacles with it if she wants to. Her shell is shades of pearly blue both inside and outside. Believe it or not, she is benevolent. Like Nyarlathotep, she possess the "starry wisdom," and so Lawrence's cult serves to gather knowledge for her that can't be found anywhere else: folk tales, mythologies, and other knowledge that has never been recorded. Ysthli mostly keeps to herself and is generally uninterested in humans and other creatures. She doesn't even have much to do with the cult, except that she communicates telepathically with Lawrence occasionally. At these times, he goes into a trance, almost a coma, and communes with her in a halfway dimension between ours and hers. Ysthli feels very kindly towards Lawrence, almost motherly, so she gives him guidance from time to time. After his death, for the 1000 years until he is reborn, he dwells with her in her dimension. When he is reborn, though, he loses his memory of this time. It will slowly return to him as he ages and regains his power as Sailor Moana.

When Desdinova crashes and nearly drowns on Moana, the cult rescues him, and Lawrence calls upon Ysthli to restore him to life. Seeing that Lawrence's destiny is bound up with Desdinova's, Ysthli agrees as long as Desdinova joins the cult in worship of her. As Desdinova is after the starry wisdom himself, he agrees-- and of course, he wants to live too. She isn't very happy when Lawrence is killed by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon under Desdinova's watch-- he IS a tesseract, after all, and Ysthli thinks he could have done a bit more to protect Lawrence!-- but she eventually forgives Desdinova... after he waits 1000 years for Lawrence to be reborn.
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