Gaia Picture

Gaia, more frequently spelled Ge, was the Earth. She is rarely even referred to as a deity, she is more a power. What is. She was one of the firsts. Well, one of the firsts in some versions. There are actually a couple of different Creation myths, and not all of them include Gaia (I know, it shocked me, too). The original Greek Mythology (ie, pre-Classical) was was Pelasgian myth (the Pelasgians came to Greece from the Asia Minor 3,000 years before Hesiod). The Pelasgian creation story focuses on Eurynome, the Goddess of All Things.

This is Gaia, the Earth Elemental, for my manga/video game, Reign of Athearia. The first elemental you meet. The little fluffy flower thing in the corner is Gaia when she begins to grow after you save her.

Concept Picture >>>[link] I got the idea for her hair from a bush at school (not the picture), the butterfly mask I designed from Metis's persona in Persona 3 Fes, Psyche >>>[link] & from D.Grey Man's Grave of Maria >>>[link]

Materials - Crayola Twistables (12 & 30 set), & Rotting Art Ink Pen

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