Mara | Hind | Oblivious Recluse Picture

Mara of Oakfern

Name: Mara
Pronunciation: MAR-uh
Meaning: The name originates from Norse mythology as an evil spirit, haunting people at night time and causing its prey to have bad dreams (ever wondered where the word “nightmare” originates from? Here’s your answer.)
Nickname/s: None

Age: 6 years
Date of Birth: Early Spring, Year 752 of the New Age
Gender: Hind
Height: 7.0hh | 71 cm
Built: (chubby) Light-Medium

Phenotype: (Liver) Chestnut-based Grey
Genotype: ee/Aa/Gg/Fwfw
Design: Open(ish) Character Creation design

Herd: Oakfern
Bloodlines: Pure Oakfern
Rank: Recluse of some sort
Magic type/s: Water magic

Fight stats
Speed: 7 [Capped Basic Level] (deformity)
Stamina: 3
Strength: 1
Experience: 0

Herb Lore Level: Basic [6]
Magic Level: Basic [5]

+ 7 Speed built bonus
+ 3 Stamina built bonus
+ 1 Strength built bonus
+ 5 Magic starter bonus
+ 6 Herb lore starter bonus

...To come...

War paint: None (yet)

Quirky | Naïve | Gullible | Amiable | Playful | Artistic
Details to come!

Quirks: Despite having a disadvantage on land, she is an excellent swimmer.

...To come...

Father: Badal the Bone Breaker
Mother: Aegina (Oakfern doe, NPC herd member, Grey, Alive)
Probably a few, but all are unknown.

Mate: None

Role Play
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