Out for walkies Picture

I'm excited like no ones business for Dirge of Cerberus
In Greek mythology Cerberus is a 3-headed wolf that guards the gates to Hades, in Norse mythology, there is a gigantic monster in the shape of a wolf called Fenris (or Fenrir) which is the name of Clouds motorcycle in Advent Children! Series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi really did his homework! The names or certain characters or things throughout the game are so similar to a lot of mythologies- I can't help but think it's on purpose.
For instance, in Hebrew, Adam Beliyya'al ("the evil man") is symbolised by 'sephiroph' or 'ten circles of creation'.

Anyway, now that the ancient history mythologies lesson is over
I give you Vincent walking his new pet, Cerberus.
Scanner ate the color. Whatcha' gonna do?
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