Coat of Pyrrhosia Picture

I have returned to Nationstates and this time I have created a new nation (with some basis on the old). It is called the "The Sovereign Duchy of Pyrrhosia (Pyrrawskja) in English (Tën•Yпpëhap•Ȟëpcoгđŏm•Пйppăskja, in Pyrrhosian/Pyroskyi (Пйppăskjй). The nation is here…. Now to the Coat of Arms description! It features a Sable Double Headed Eagle (to represent the dual power of the Sovereign Duke over both faith and state), each crowned and are juxtaposed under a larger more ornate crown displaying Or felt with small sable eagles, echoing the proud position Pyrrhosia attained as a duchy within the Holy Roman Empire, who supported it's ascension thanks to the Pyrrhosian's becoming more pro-German than Pole over time. The shield is divided thricely, bearing the shields of three regions, (clockwise) Silesia, Bohemia, and Saxony. A part of each of these regions became part of Pyrrhosia (though some pro-Slavic Pyrrhosians will support a quartered shield that includes a Polish eagle however at the time of its creation they did not recognize any territory to be part of Poland.) In the center is a rose to symbolize change, sacrifice and refinement or reaping from one's labor. The claws (left to right) bear a fasces (without an axe) and a grenade or fiery globus. The fasces represents the many peoples and languages (German, Polish, Czech, Silesian, and other minor languages) coming together to form a mighty duchy. The 'grenade' represents not necessarily conflict but the might of knowledge and with it the power to enlighten and or to change the world. The two items may also be reference to two titans from Greek mythology, Atlas and Prometheus (respectively), as the fasces symbolizes endurance and the fire of the globus represents wisdom/knowledge. Which explains the source of the national motto "Mиđ•Fopdåpʌň•komƶ•Vйӂstät" (With endurance comes wisdom). Want to know more? Pm me or make a comment!

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