Early Creations Picture

Like the title indicates, these are some of the first characters I've crated. I fealt I wanted to draw them again and not just let them stay under a pile of paper like they've done for years now.

So, what do we have here?

First of is the red apple. He was my very first cartooncharacter (as faar as I can remember). I made him sometime during kindergarden. I actually think I stole the joke in his first strip from another cartoon. Since he's an apple, I called him... The Apple... yeah. The Pear next to him was only in one comic. The story involved a joke about smoking, so... I made a smoking pear. (I'm the master of logic.)

Next is Monty the Wolf (that would be the one chasing the rooster). After I moved to another city, I decided I needed a main character, like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny. So... I made Monty. I originally used him for everyday life situations, but that's not how I wanted to use him. He needed a characterflaw or a mission for somekind, so I made the rooster (witch I still haven't named). I guess I got the idea from the Coyote and Road Runner cartoon. I guess that's why I always imaginde him brown, seeing that wolves are normally gray.

Then, there is Superwing (Yes, I know. How original). My first superhero. I made him about the same time I made Monty (Might have even been the same day). He gets his powers from sunlight and grows wings when in "super mode". The serpent is his arc nemesis, the Midgard Serpent (or Jormungand) from norse mythology. (I've just alays liked that monster). I don't think I've made much more than one comic with them, but I've made other pictures though.

Lastly, there are the three characters on the right. I can't find their names anywhere, though I know I have them somewhere. However, I remember the baby dog's name perfectly. His name... is Sucker. Yes, Sucker, because he always drinks from his bottle. My original idea was that the big dog was left to fend for himself after a global war (hence the armor on him and Sucker). Then, my brother came along and helped make Sucker (that's right, HE made the name. though it was never meant to go public anyway...). He was the tragic puppy that needed to be protected (compleete with armor babyware), and the toy truck was his only posession. However, it didn't take long before the entire thing turned into one big joke with all three characters just goofing around...

I just have to note that I've never coloured thease characters before, I've just remembered how I wanted them to be if they were. Also, remember that I was'nt that old when I made the designs, so they're not really up to date. Maybe I'll redesign them later. I drew all of them on different paperpeaces, so I'm not intending that the perspective is correct. It''s more of a colage really.

-Lines in Pen and Pencils
-Colours in Photoshop

I write too much... More comming later (hopefully).

Your thoughts if you wish.
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