The Unknown One Picture

Name: Sama'anya ("The Unknown One")
- Gituku (“Notoriously shady and sly”)
- Matata (“Troublemaker”)
- Besi’irwan (“To trick, deceive, surprise; to defraud”)
- Bhekizitha (“He watches out for enemies”)
- Ysane god of fire, chaos, trickery, and the forge.
- Occasional role as minor fertility god.
- Patron god of smiths, thieves, and jesters.
- Dual-natured; as likely to help you as he is to hurt you.
- Loves word-play, riddles, games, and clever inventions.
- Neither "good" nor "bad" but in the grey area in between.
- Fickle, for the most part, though steadfast enough if motivated.
- Frequently mingles with mortals, and is said to be the most "human" of the gods.
- Viewed as unstable, sometimes evil.*
- Temporarily aligned with Ysane Queen Bolande.
- Temporarily aligned with plotting Tiede noblewoman.
- Long-term alignment with demi-god offspring.

NOTE: Sama'anya, Bolande, the Ysane, and the Tiede are my own creations and therefore belong to me. If you wish to use them, please clear it with me first, okay?

* Gods (in this particular universe) travel realms that mortals cannot, and are exposed to such things as shifts in the fabric of time and space, paradoxes, and the meshes between alternate realities. It is because of this that many of the gods lose a fragment of themselves in the chaos of it all. Sama'anya, however, was born out of chaos and fire, making him immune; ergo, he is "complete" and does not exhibit the distant, almost lackadaisical behaviour of the other deities.

Mortals, naturally, do not know this and believe the other gods' behaviour to be perfectly normal. Thus, Sama'anya is seen as the "rebellious" member of the pantheon -a black sheep, if you will- with all the negative connotations that come with such a title.

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