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aproximately 30 hours. Adam and Eve, the genesis, drawing carried out for the contest of Thorned Venom. I spent about thirty hours there, between inspiration and research of the most sensual movement. As you see it, it is very mythological. Description for the contest: We don' T coils “because” goal “Despite” As you see it, Adam is of marble, and creation was established. The moment is fixed just like nature, it is the winter. A drawing of Adam and Eve intertwining would have caused an only singular, and “solidified” beauty. They is environement and the scars of the personages which form the dimension of the drawing

Français : Environ 30 heures. Adam et Eve, la gènèse, dessin réalisé pour le concours de Thorned Venom. J'y ai passé une trentaine d'heures, entre inspiration et recherche du mouvement le plus sensuel. Comme vous le voyez, c'est très mythologique. Description pour le concours : We don't love "because" but "Despite" Comme vous le voyez, Adam est de marbre, et la création a été établie. L'instant est figé tout comme la nature, c'est l'hiver. Un dessin de Adam et Eve s'enlaçant aurait provoqué une beauté uniquement singulière, et "figée". C'est l'environement et les cicatrices des personages qui forment la dimension du dessin

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Thorned Venom Contest :
We don't love "because", but "despite".

This is why there is no such thing as perfect. A flawless beauty would be blank without any appeal nor character. Its scars are what defines it and what inspires emotion... from that moment, it becomes art.

Subject: Draw something based on the above.



With this well-thought subject, I want people to exceed their taken-for-granted skills by displaying their highest quality work to date. I want people to take some time to think about the subject before dashing right ahead and doodling what anyone could do within a few hours.

The subject is hard because this is not intended to be a normal contest: the overall aim isn't to win by creating something better than the other person, but to make something better than what you usually would do. If you could make tremendous progress by being stimulated by a challenge, then you would have won it no matter what the verdict would be. By the way, it's also one of the reasons why I'm allowing such a huge deadline (until 2007) so don't complain that you don't have enough time because you're too busy.

The contest will feature quite a few honorable mentions, depending on whether the candidate had given some sweat in his work or not (followed by some comment/constructive criticism). Finally, a contest is supposed to be fun, meaning that you shouldn't worry nor be upset if you ever luck out on this one: if you've followed the intent of this event properly, then you would have gained so much more.

~Yours truly, Thorned Venom



- Only image-based submissions allowed (it'd be too complicated to compare with text-based ones). Elsewise, you are allowed to adopt any style you want (original ones are encouraged).
- Deadline: January 1st, 2007
- Submissions are to be notified to me by sending me a note with the link to it (only dA ones). Please keep it short and simple.
- Only one submission is allowed, so take your time to think about the subject. Exceptionally, 2 would be acceptable but will be frowned upon evaluation.
- All art must have in their description an analysis of the subject and an explanation of how you came up with the idea of creating your submission.
- Grand Prize: An original drawing from me concerning the subject, sent to you by mail.
- If you have any questions which aren't covered by the journal, feel free to send me a note about it. But don't expect any answers about the subject: you'd have to interpret it for yourself.

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