Marduk Picture

Sort of based of Sumerian mythology this scenario takes place just before the Deluge and the fall of Atlantis.

The basic premises is rather technologically advanced humanoid beings come down to earth say some 500,000 400,000 years ago. The beings would turn Earth into their playground and would do much to shape the planet. These beings are called Nephilim and before mixing with other species they are primarily like humans but taller, deathly pale and living on average 120 sars, which is 432,000 years. Their ruler (or perhaps in charge of mission control) is Anu, who is also the oldest of the Nephilim. The Nephilim also are able to exert their minds greatly, and later on with some evolutionary help they are able to create a sort of magic (the energy to do so was first created to shelter their skin from the sun).

The Nephilim would come to be slave masters of their greatest creation who were created to mine gold for their masters dying planet. These slaves would then rebel and their former masters would become the leaders and kings of their city states, that would in time rip the Nephilim mission command in part as each Nephilim became worship by their subjects. And in the Nephilims last hours on this planet they lead the way to the last great flourish of science, the rise of Atlantis, the city of Yagaziuru covering hundreds of miles, the Olmecs and the pyramid builders. But in the last few seconds the ice and water swallowed up Atlantis, Yagaziuru was also swallowed my the immense water, the Olmecs homes became overgrown by less civilized humans and the wild, and finally the great land of the pyramid builders faded into a dark age as nuclear winter from India and the desertification of their land crept in.

Now you may be wondering what out of the Nephilims many creations (plenty being beast men) is the greatest one, well it is us. We were a mix of monkey and Nephilim, designed too work at first in a garden when there was only two of us created by the Nephilim Enki. However we were little more than apes tending his garden, when another Nephilim taught these humans intelligence. Therefore being too intelligent the Nephilim cast these two humans out into the wild, whilst taking a small number of their genes and putting them into apes, these apes would work in the gold mines.

However these humans quickly multiplied and overthrew their masters demanding better conditions for the work they did, and they were given it. Thus civilization began to form. Plenty of humans also began wandering and forming tribes also, but eventually cities began to form and the Nephilim began to view humans as more mating partners, and so demi-gods and so on were created.

The Nephilim however created their own "paradises" on Earth protected by "rockets" that humans always tried to get into. Human societies however were barbaric and ruled by still by Nephilim and the demi-gods, they wrote of their disgust for humans eating their own children.

Humans became more advanced as Nephilim learned magic and several high and low points in civilizations occurred. Many invasions by the Nephilims space enemies also occurred affecting the more primitive humans who saw them as gods, like the Nephilim.

Then many many rises and falls occurred and earth become a strange place. Magic and technology merged close to the final years, then for most places technology won and the world entered a fantastic age, then it was over.

The maps is a combination of the likes of old mining areas, Nephilim areas, and the empires before the Deluge.

Red. Nephilim only areas
Black. Mines
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