Adrienne the Coyote Picture

Here's my own truly original (non-Sonic) furry female character Adrienne the Coyote, based on another of my earliest creations Manuela the Wolf. She's the co-star of my own webcomic series "Adrienne & Rump" which I'm intending to publish on my account. If my series and characters are successful, maybe I'm able to work on USA to start my professional career with them.

Name: Adrienne the Coyote
Species: Coyote
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Family: Rump (coyote), Marc (father figure)
Job: student
Residence: Phonyville, California
Friends: Lyre
Foes: Gentili (annoying prince charming)
Personality: Intelligent, sassy, neat freak and stubborn. Possesses the power of decision and usually does the right thing.
Likes: comics, cartoons, video games, bad boys, anti-heroes, mocking Marc, history
Dislikes: overgood heroes, his brother's hyperactive and discriminating way of life

(C) Me
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