First Official Contest Subs Picture

Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood admin here, letting you know that voting for the first official CA:NM contest has now officially begun! : D Voting will last for about two and a half to three days, starting today, March 27th, at 9:00PM PST, and ending Sunday, March 30th, at about 12:00PM PST, depending upon when I get to it.

Only current project members are permitted to vote, and there will be only one vote per member. Voting is entirely anonymous, so I am trusting you guys to abide by these two rules.

Comments have been disabled for simplicity's sake. If you would like to vote and are currently a member, please go HERE: [link] and choose your favourite submission by number. (: (See below for further details if you are confused.)

The original submissions are as follows -

1. [link]
2. [link]
3. [link]
4. [link]
5. [link]
6. [link]

Voting will be held by number, rather than by username, submission title, etc. The numbers of each contest submission can be found in the lower left-hand corner of each piece in the picture above; they are also listed next to the original submission links in the above section of this description.

Once the Poll is officially closed and the winner is decided, the winning submission will become the new official devID for the Colour Alliances: New Mythology homepage, ~monsterbrigade! : D So vote away for your favourite submission, and encourage all your friends to vote, so long as they're members of the project, as well. 8) Good luck to all of our contestants, and thanks so much to everyone who participated!

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