DracheaRannak's sailor contest Picture

This is my entry to this competiton: [link]

I love Drachea's work and this is my first time entering one of his contests. The info on this character as given by the competition is "MakeMake: Named after the creator of humanity, the God of fertility and the chief God of the "Tangata manu" or bird-man cult, according to the Rapa Nui mythology of Easter Island"

Name: Vivian
Age: 27
Birthday: April 4th (happens to be Easter this year)
Color: Vermillion

Technique: "Sweeping Shadow Embrace" Casts a shadow over the enemy temporarily dissorientating them by making them loose their senses (sight, sound etc)

Special Technique: "Vivina Mud Crash" The earth around the enemy rises and crashes around them like a great wave. This move can also cause an enemy to become stuck in the mud.

Dislikes: Lonliness

I wanted to keep her design fairly close to that of the original scouts. The simple bow details are to reflect the relation to the bird man cult.
Since the religion this god is related too is so old and unique i wanted to make the character older to try and give a more aluring feel, instead of a happy innocent one of a child.

The attacks branch from the legends of the god makemake. In the tale of creation MakeMake looked into water and saw his shadow, and this is where the urge for another being to communicate with arose. He then proceeded to make man out of mud. The last words he said after making man were "Vivina, vivina, hakapiro e ahu ê!" refering to death and destruction.
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