Last but not least, dense, gentle giant Tsukuro Surudoi, the Kajiya (Blacksmith) of his Class.
He upkeeps the tradition of the prestigeous and ancient Bizen Osafune weapon creation, and is gifted with a rare condition: he "understands" metal and bends it at his will, creating masterpieces of both beauty and ferocity. He always carries an old and battered wakizaki sword he calls "my partner" tied to his waist.

His family were charged with a heavy ransom to free his father from Yakuza members. They managed to get him out in exchange for making more weapons, but in truth, the family planned to flee. His family was shot during the escape, and his mother managed to throw Tsukuro, then a well-built nine-year old, with his father's best sword into the Yoshii river, commanding him not to look back. As a result of the massacre, Tsukuro's black hair turned a blueish hue of grey, and he pursued a wandering life, earning a living by teaching his craft and running from town to town. Not very bright outside his trade, he became quite agile and street-savvy. Eventually, Kibougamine found out, tracked him and gave him the chance of an entry exam.

He entered Kibougamine a year before Katsu, Mariko and Ijiro, but because of his slowness and the wandering life he undertook, he spent half a year to arrive from Okayama to Tokyo (upon arrival, he ended up dwelling near Mount Fuji for months on end...) and he was then forced to repeat the course. Being tall, massive, slow, mature for his age and not very brilliant, he inmediatly became the opposite of Ijiro Dakai, who holds a one-sided feud that dim-witted Tsukuro cannot understand. He pledges early loyalty to Katsu, the only one who successfully threw him to the ground with a Randori, and is moved to curiosity with Mariko. In fact, both him and the Interceptor try, in their own ways, to appease the bickering Mariko and Katsu -Ijiro because he finds it tension-inducing, Tsukuro because the Tokugawa family has several national treasure swords he would like to see...

He actually wishes Ijiro was friendlier towards him, as he could help him pick stuff or aid himn with precision works he can't do, due to his knotty hands, but always manages to irate the Interceptor by calling him "Puchi" or "Chiisai" (both meaning 'tiny'). Tsukuro always apologizes politely, as he's quite mild and harmless if not angered, and being that this is a feat which is quite difficult to achieve, he's quite safe ho be around.

His given name means "Make sharp" Due to his work, Katsu christens him "Vulcano" after the mythological underlord of blacksmiths. A name that stuck to him, to the point some people call him 'Vulcano-kun' per secula.

Tsukuro: Gods of the Empire
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