Fan troll-Sireno Undine or Su for short. Picture

'Your name is Sireno Undine. You live on a lusious tropical island and your hive is a giant tree house you build yourself. You have large smooth horns but instead of growing outward they curved inward to the back of you head. You have to wear a bandanna to keep your wild fluffy hair out of your face. You like to wear simple stylish clothing like your mini poncho over your shoulders. You love to collect seas shells and rare seas crystals. You like how they look in the light once you cut and polish them.You have scar on you left shoulder hidden under your poncho showing how tough the trials were for you yet you manage to pass them with flying colors. You also have a thing for collecting grafic novels.

Since the island you live on is quiet and relaxing, you have a layed back and quiet personality.You are also brave enought to dive into the ocean to look for the shells and crystals to love to collect. Your Lusus is a towering long neck dinosaur like creature which resembles the Lock Ness monster, only she has an african mask for a face. You always call her "momma nessy". She hunts for herself at night and due to her emence size she can protect can you, the island, and herself. She can be quit defensive when it comes to new comers and trespassers, so if guests wants to visit the island they must give her any sort of fish just to let her know they pose no threat. Your Lusus can be very protective.

Your weapon is a spear made from a crystal you crafted yourself. You type in lower case lettering due to your quiet nature, but you can speak up if you want to get your point across. Your ability is meditation. When you meditate you summon the powers of chucklehoodoo. No one really knows what happens when you use this power, it's still a mystery. They say that your blood is two toned between violet and light neon blue. They wonder what does that say about your ancestors, but you don't say anything about it. You probrably do not want to know. They say you have a little part with the juggulo cult due to your chucklehoodoo, but personally, your just not sure.'

I was nervous about uploading this, but I'm glad on how this turned out. It was a little tough creating a troll of my own but I finally created one with the look and personality that I like. I got the idea for her if I crossed Gamzee, Kanaya, Feferi, and Tavros together and I got this.

Her name means water nymph of springs and rivers, or water spirits by Greek Mythology.

So what do you thinks of my creation? ^^

Homestuck does not belong to me but this fan troll does.

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