Janice - Pharmacology Picture

User Name: Shatteredcrystaldream
Appearance: An eclectic mismatch of what ever came to hand and what is deemed necessary and open to constant change with the exception of her two pets and the suitcase full of essential paperwork.
Name: Janice Erna Piper
Age: 26-29 keeping track of things as mundane as remembrances of one's birth simply are not issues Janice bothers to keep track of.
ID: 111303
Sex: Female
Area of Expertise: DNA Manipulation and Reconstruction, Paranormal Physiology, and a better than average grasp of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Position applying for: Teacher or Lab assistant/teacher's aid

How long have you been working in the Devious Scientific field and what got you started?
I suppose it was the childish fancy of I wonder what a dragon would really look like and not like in the coloring books. At age 5 I began studding over various lizards and reptiles trying to determine how much like a dragon they were. I also began looking up information on the physiology of lizards, reptiles and related creatures extinct or not on top of a comparison of the legends of what traits, appearance, 'powers' were associated with the mythological beast in its various incarnations around the world. By age 12 I had exhausted all local information sources and had gone about preparing my crude attempts at genetic manipulation for the first time. Three years later and more than a gross of test subjects later I determined I needed to know more of the genetic viewpoint than what I had currently if my quest was to ever come to fruition. Around my 17th year I had compiled every ounce of genetic information I could lay my hands on, be it article dissertation or the book heisted from the local college and was ready to start again. After many more test subjects, set backs, and near brushes with foolish individuals who have no concept of anything other than wanting to keep life 'normal' -as repulsive an idea that is- I managed to succeed just recently with young Shadow who has thus far surpassed all my expectations for the first generation of Draconis Oxidenal. With my first western European dragon hatched I hope to move on and tackle the challenges of creating a suitable mate and creating other lines of Draconis. All in all I would say the majority of my life.

What have you experimented with?
-Genetic manipulation to create new/mythic species (see above)
-Tending to the well being, care, and comfort of my creations

Why should you be allowed into this prestigious academy?
I believe that I can provide a if not stable at least a dedicated environment for students to peruse their passions in. I also hold to the fact that with enough determination anything is indeed possible even under less than ideal circumstances.

What's your favorite chemical?
CO2 as it is one of the more interesting chemical compound as it skips the liquid state of being and goes from solid into a gaseous state directly.

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