Elizabeth Picture

Elizabeth, Lieutenant of the Basilisk Division and good friend of Antonio, Mizuki, and Mei Hua

Full Name: Elizabeth Mayfield
Age: 21
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 128 lbs
Birthday: September 10th, 1991
Nationality: U.K., Arundel
Element/Combat Specialty: Boxing and some military training combined with Earth techniques
Occupation: Lieutenant of the Basilisk Division
Favorite Food(s): Fish sandwiches, potato chips, apple pie
Likes: Mythology, learning, her friends and family, fishing
Dislikes: Abrasive people, ignorant people, spiders
Fun Fact: Her initial concept was born in 2005, making her one of the oldest continuous characters along with Antonio, Andrew, Timothy, and Jonathan.

Short Bio
Humble Elizabeth was born in the market town of Arundel in southeastern England. Growing up she loved to visit her grandparents and hear tales of England’s history as well as some well known folk tales; her favorite concerning the Middle Ages. Like Graham and the samurai, Elizabeth idolized knights for their bravery and chivalrous nature and nursed many a fantasy of becoming one in her childhood and adolescence. By the end of Middle School she had gained an interest in the history and mythology of Europe as a whole and later the world and made it her personal goal to learn as much as she can. By the end of High School Elizabeth had amassed a great deal of historical and mythological knowledge and wished to share her knowledge with others. But there was one problem—though she enjoyed working in her father’s restaurant she knew that the family didn’t make quite enough to send her to college. Help would come in the form of Head Captain Cao Min Yi, who happened upon her vast historical and mythological knowledge by way of Elizabeth’s website. Min Yi sent her an e-mail asking if she knew of the legend of the Yamata no Orochi and the Yokai, and Elizabeth wrote back that she did but not a lot. With the promise to make enough to pay for college, Min Yi flew Elizabeth over and indicted her as a member. Though she had trouble keeping up with the fast paced and deadly combat at first, it was none other than Captain Graham Dobson that pushed and encouraged her until she was proficient. In a way, Elizabeth’s dream of becoming a knight has come true in that she now fights to protect people. Her diligence and ever improving skill have earned her promotion to Lieutenant of the Basilisk Division under Graham. Amazingly, Graham treats Elizabeth with a significant deal of respect even when she makes a mistake. For all her intelligence, however, Elizabeth is very shy to the point of mumbling at times and harbors significant self-esteem issues. Both problems stem from childhood and abusive classmates that carried on to high school. She tries her hardest to overcome her issues so that they won’t compromise her Squad but sometimes things just happen. Despite these shortcomings, Elizabeth is a warm young woman and a loyal friend to anyone willing to see past her flaws. She is also honest and fair to the point of helping classmates in her history courses but only if they’re actually struggling. She has no tolerance for those that are lazy or ignorant when it comes to history. Elizabeth is also a devout Christian and proud owner of two French Bulldogs and a Boston Terrier; all rescues from a shelter. Other than mythology she likes to volunteer most of her free time at the shelter she rescued her dogs from. She still carries her dream of becoming a teacher and plans to attend the University of North Carolina Greensboro in search of her Bachelor’s in Teaching after her service is over. Though she doesn’t look it, Elizabeth is a surprisingly skilled Boxer. She’d never admit it, but Elizabeth does favor the sport and has been practicing in secret since she first learned it from Uncle Frank at five years old. She mixes her boxing skills with her natural the element of Earth.

DISCLAIMER: SCIV was merely the vehicle for Elizabeth's creation. She and the other characters of Seijyuken belong to ME and are in no way, shape, or form connected to the story, timeline, or any of the established characters of the Soul Series or any other existing media.

I.E. They're NOT Fanchars
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