Cerberus Picture

Boring title is boring... :<

The heads sort of do not fit very nicely on this particular canine's body, mostly because I didn't start off with drawing three heads. But I think it turned out alright.

So here we have Cerberus, the fearsome dog that guards the Gates of Hell. Or, at least, my version of him (with a twist!).

Maybe it's just me, but I seem to have this fascination with hellhounds.
Actually, on second thought, you guise wouldn't know that yet, since I haven't finished my refs of Snakebite, Ventryl (I always forget this poor hellhound's name), Xero, Karma (well, she's kind of a lizard...ish), and Axetail. All of which are a part of the same hellish world as this here Cerberus (uncreative name is uncreative and bothers me some).

Anyhow, hopefully it is painfully obvious that my version of Cerberus is not your stereotypical hellish guard dog, and in fact, goes along with the proverb, "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil."

...ironically, this three-headed canine lives in Hell. So you know, it's not literal. ;b

As each head has its own physical disabilities, they think and function as one. However, this does not mean they cannot think separately. They generally each come to the same conclusion. If there is any variation in their thoughts, it is minimal. Each head has an exceptional sense of smell.
The "see no" head has excellent hearing (he can pinpoint your location through this) and often speaks.
The "hear no" head has great eyesight and can read words upon one's lips (muzzle?), but speaks less frequently.
The "speak no" head has both excellent eyesight and hearing, but is generally the observer (though this is not to say that he does not take action at all), due to his lack of speech.

In any case, I quite like this creation of mine. I think I'll keep him and name him Fluffy. 8D

Artwork, original character (c) ~Inkshadow
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