NPC : Savio Caruso Picture

♦ NAME : Savio Caruso
♦ GENDER : Male
♦ AGE : True age is unknown, however he appears 27

♦ SPECIES : Ninetales
Flash Fire - Activates when user is hit by a damaging Fire-type move (including Fire-type Hidden Power). Once activated, user’s Fire-type moves deal 1.5 times damage. While this ability is in effect, this Pokémon is immune to damage from Fire-type attacks and Fire-type Hidden Power (accuracy and effect from these moves are ignored). For Fire-type Pokémon with this ability, Will-O-Wisp activates this ability without having an effect. If a non-Fire-type Pokémon has this ability, Will-O-Wisp will activate the ability and will have an effect.
-Savio absorbs most flames that come at him. When attacked, he will receive damage, but overall it just makes him more powerful if you do. As such, he is kinda a pyromaniac.
♦ LEVEL : 6

♦ BIRTH DATE : July 21st
♦ HEIGHT : 5'11"
♦ WEIGHT: 145 lbs (Thin)

♦ JOB : Tradesman
♦ DISTRICT: He takes residence with Valko in Arcobaleno, however his shop (and what he considers as his real home) is in Diavolo

Inferno - The user attacks by engulfing the target in an intense fire. It leaves the target with a burn.
-Plain and simple, he will set you on fire if he is pushed. Usually he resorts to less direct tactics such as poisonous, experimental elixirs, but if he is dragged into a conflict he usually starts off with this in order to burn the victim. More times than not he will try to secure the opponent with his tails and let the fire burn from the tails to ensure burns that will only get worse as the battle continues and the other is forced to fight (Unless, of course they have a skill/ability/item/type immunity to nullify it).
Hex - This relentless attack does massive damage to a target affected by status problems.
-A ghost move that he delights in and the primary reason why he immediately seeks to burn you. When the target has a status ailment, Hex's power doubles. Valko's theory is that there is something about the weakening of the opponent that makes causes their will to weaken and make them an easier target for the attack. When using this move, Savio uses his own spiritual energy to attack the other's own energy.
Gained at level 5: Dark Pulse The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch.
-Let me put it this way: Savio's mind is hell as it is. Imagine his immense, twisted delight, when he discovers he can unleash this in the form of a wave of darkness. Usually he mostly uses it to release a lot of stress, or to occasionally make Val trip for his own amusement. In battle, however, he doesn't use it as much, unless the target is a fire type and he thinks it would do more damage or if he uses it in hopes to trip up the opponent long enough to get in a quick second attack or avoid getting hit.

He's a bit of a pyromaniac and it is not uncommon to see him toying with flames when he has nothing to do, eat it, smell it, watch it, he just loves to watch a good flame burn. He also likes exotic things. If it is unique, it is quite the treasure to him. Another passion of his happens to be experimenting and inventing when he's not too busy in the shop and though he proves himself a wonderful mad scientist, he also dabbles in seeking out and studying folklore, mythology, and the occult. It fascinates him to no end and some of his inventions are even fashioned to resemble ancient charms or totems. Some of the other things he likes includes reading, music, blood (a rather creepy liking, I know), a good mystery, nightfall, and tea.
Pull on one of his tails and he will curse you so fast you won't even know what happened. This is not a random legend of the ninetales, in this case it is fact. He will forgive you if he has his tails cloaked and you accidentally step on them, but if it is intentional, he is very likely to either try and set you on fire, ban you from his shop for the rest of your life, and/or will experiment on you in his ever subtle ways. He also dislikes people who whine or brag, finding it cruelly obnoxious. He also tends to dislike when people touch him without permission, permission essentially meaning that not only does he trust you but he finds you to be a good friend, or you are temporarily a 'really good friend' if you catch my drift. Other things he despises are rainy days (unless it fills the shop), people insulting his merchandise, people prying into his affairs, people who insist on getting attention, or thieves (I should clarify that by 'thieves' I mean anyone who steals from his shop specifically. If it is any other shop, he really doesn't quite care.)

Savio is a tad complex a person to get to know. One might call him a little 'quirky'. Overall, he is a very laid back person with little interest as to another's problems. In the shop he doesn't really speak much until spoken to, or unless he sees someone eying some of his merchandise and he's in a good enough mood to tell them about it. He doesn't exactly make a lot of friends, Valko probably being the closest thing to 'friend' he actually has, and is not really one to socialize unless invited. He's proper, clever, never quick to judge, kind, and always seems to have a calm demeanor. However, he does have a bit of a dark side to him and can be more twisted than a crazy straw that not even Val is really aware of. Savio is, more or less, a little psychotic. Obsessed with his passion for experimentation, he has no qualms in finding a victim to test out his newest serum or gadget and actually has grown to love the thrill of the hunt. If his moves are any indication, this ninetales has a mind for tactical strategy and playing mind games and loves a sense of danger, fear, or even rage. Though nothing gets his heart racing faster than when he is on the verge of a discovery. After living as long as he has, his sanity is not always there and in his madness he has almost developed an almost Jekyll/Hyde complex when he sinks into his more sadistic, darker self, and can be very dangerous to be around if one ever was to come across him in such a state. Just like a Jekyll/Hyde complex, when he's not acting like a complete psychopath, he actually does want to be a nice person but believes that his darkness will never allow for such a thing (Thus his alignment). This concept slowly consumed him and now it is rare he shows any regard for anyone else.

Savio is actually not his real name. He was born as 'Rafaelle Salvagio' in an Italian city,now destroyed, and was the son of nobility. Even at his young age, he always loved to toy with things and was never one to just do things the conventional way. He originally was trying to pursue a life of a scientist, however the city went into civil war and he ended up a slave. This did not stop his curiosity, though. He was never treated well by his masters and it did not take long for Rafaelle to start learning harsh lessons in his young age, along with a few lessons he taught himself. Soon, his masters went from being his rulers, to the young man's guinea pigs. Sneaking into the library, he would read the most interesting subjects and would perform subtle experiments with his masters as his test subjects. After a while they were merely there for financial security, appearances, and for his practices. This ceased when, finally, one of the experiments resulted in a rather unfortunate death of the entire household, his masters being too elderly to withstand Rafaelle's tests. He could have taken the money, but to him it meant nothing and he did not need anyone to come looking for a thief. Instead, he burned the home, watching it burn from the inside out until it started to collapse. From there, he was faced with a grim realization. By now he was already a young man. Ninetales were species notorious for living longer lives, but sooner or later he would age just as those useless creatures had. So many things might be left undiscovered or ignored and there was so much potential and so much he could do, bu such a limited time! It was from here he pursued a folklore legend about his kind, particularly pertaining to the power stored inside his tails and how it was to them they owed their longer lives. This grew into a distorted obsession for a number of years before he finally reached success by a rather peculiar twist of fate. He'd gotten into a rather nasty battle with a local military squad and one of the members attacks ended up costing him his leg. After treatment, he originally had a standard robotic replacement, but he missed the feeling of ...well ...feeling. This lead to studying the creation of nerve cells and, going on a pursuit in the direction of science and alchemy, he actually stumbled across the solution to creating tissues and managed to recreate his entire leg from his own DNA. Since then, just about every bit of him has been remade at one point or another. Of course, he had to find a way around the decay of organs which lead to a discovery of a serum that he still uses today. Unfortunately, it requires the consumption of blood, the serum being able to convert the biological properties necessary to keep his organs rejuvenating just enough to keep them age healthy. This does not mean, however, that he is immortal. Without his proper consumption of biological material his organs start aging again and in a fight he is just as vulnerable as anyone else, if not more so due to his thin stature. With his secrets in hand, he has taken to selling off some of his inventions, as well as exotic items he finds in his travels, though he'd never let anyone discover his true age or who he really is. He took the name of Savio Caruso, which literally translated means 'clever shop boy' and has been using his skills for survival and continuing discoveries, experiments, and inventions. He still speaks in his native language from time to time and does his best to fit in and keep others at bay. Not too long ago, he discovered an arcanine in his travels, left for dead outside this city's walls and rescued him. He treated his wounds and even offered him a violin with which he could not only use to exercise his brain, but so he might also entertain Savio. This man was Valko and now that Savio has returned he now seeks refuge with the arcanine, to which Valko accepts immediately as a way to repay the man for saving his life. The more money they earn between the two of them, the more they turn the house into an actual place for living (Not that Savio has too much against Valko for being proud enough just to have a rug to sleep on, but he would like to buy the property and actually make it a decent looking home). Now, he has just recently opened up his new shop in his own alignment's side, deciding to settle himself for the first time in over a century.

-He does speak Italian every now and again and is teaching it to Valko. Don't like it? He doesn't care.
-Savio will never introduce himself as 'Rafaelle'. As far as he is concerned, Rafaelle is only the man he used to be.
-When asked, he will claim to be only 27. That was when he ceased aging, after all.
-He doesn't necessarily have to consume blood all the time and actually only needs a good feeding perhaps once a month and it doesn't necessarily have to be blood, so long as it is another gijinka's biological tissue. He just prefers the former due to the fact it is easier to consume for him and its easier to obtain (Val does have to sleep at some point, after all.)
-He has a creepy hobby of collecting 'souvenirs' of his victims, be them previous test subjects or defeated enemies in combat. Val has never questioned where he gets his various charms and accessories that he wears (which he switches it up every day). Most of them are covered up in his usual 'wanderer's wear', though.
-It is rare to see him without his usual covered up attire. However, on hot days or if he is not feeling up to getting over-dressed, he will sometimes wander around in a casual attire. It is not so rare at the house where he's not exposed to the public, but otherwise, he has never been much a fan of allowing people to see his tattoos
-The tattoos on his body only appear on certain parts and are actually surgical instructions, their designs originating from his native homeland. If the tattoos have disappeared, it is likely he has replaced the limb, same as if new tattoos of similar design appear.
-His shop is called 'Desert Fox Exotics' and he usually acts as a seller of various items from either his own creation, things he might have brought from his travels to and fro from the outside the city, and pawned items. Haggling with him is absolutely useless unless you have something of great interest that might be unique enough to get him to trade. He specializes in elixirs, however, which can range from temporary battle enhancers (Kind of like X Attack like items, but some of his concoctions are specified for certain things like temporarily raising one's water powers for x amount of turns. None of his elixirs, at least none he sells anyway, are permanent)
-He does sell accessories, but most of them are pawned or for show. He sometimes makes an accessory that might act like a held item to sell (Very rarely, though), but he does not simply hand these out and I will likely be asking the commanders before Savio sells this. Keep in mind : These will be sold at very high prices so if your character is poor, I doubt they'll get it unless they steal it, which is not a good idea.
-He sometimes will give people an item in very rare cases, but only under certain conditions. Sometimes, it is just a bout of being his ever quirky self and he thinks the person would appreciate it more than anyone else who'd buy it. Other times, it is simply out of a strange moment of kindness, and others it would do well to be careful. He is mad and sometimes, if you've angered him or he can't find any other to experiment with, he might just be offering you something with which to test his newest hypothesis.
-For anyone who might ever wonder about this madman's 'tastes', like Val he is bi and like Val he isn't one to open up very easy when it comes to people wanting to get to know him that well. However, unlike Val, he has no qualms about spending a night elsewhere with no strings attached.
- For those who wonder about his tails, he uses a cloaking device on his cuffs to hide them in public as they tend to draw too much attention for his liking and they can be distracting for people.
-The only known way to make him blush without him wanting to kill you is by stroking his ears or tails. Again, though, if you pull one of them on purpose and you've already been warned it might take him a couple more centuries before he stops loathing you.
-Savio always keeps the firestone that evolved him on his person as a souvenir of his past as a slave. It was given to him by his former master.


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