Rosethorn Picture

My personal and awesome creation.

So here's the general idea of the sword: Rosethorn is a blade that appears to be rusted and old and devoured by a rose bush, until the person of its choosing comes and finds it. Once they pick it up, a rose vine will snake up their arm, and embed itself in the host's skin. The vine snakes in and out of the skin of the outer arm, and wrap around the top of the arm, until finally extending around the shoulder and embedding in the skin of the back, where it connects to the spine.
When the person is holding the blade, the vine will extend out, wrapping itself around the blade. When not in use, the rose and vine will simply stay on/in the host's arm until the blade is used again. The vines are manipulated by the host at will. If the host dies, a rose bush will grow in the spot of the person's death, with the sword being stuck in the bush until the next host comes across it.

Did you squirm at the visual of the vine embedding in the skin? Don't worry, I did while both drawing AND writing that.

I forget how I came across the idea for this. Probably while reading a mythology book. I do like how the pictures turned out, though. The rose doesn't look half bad, and the sword looks like, well, a sword. The top two pictures are examples of the sword while in use, and the bottom two are examples of when not in use. The lettering is an excuse of making cool lettering.

Can you claim an idea as your own? If so, you can't use this sword as a real item in a story or RP.

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