Fool Arcana Persona Signatures Picture

[EDIT: Looking back...Wow...This isn't my best set of signatures I've got. I should remake some like the extremely lazy Ose...:sweatdrop:]

I'm bored, so now's as good a time as ever to start talking about the sigs.

I'm copy+pasting some of the descriptions from a thread on a forum where I posted a few up.

Black Frost:
Opacity = ♥
There's not too much to this sig. Just a red bg and Black Frost thrown on their.
Font = Death Note Font

Abusing the flame effect. XD That's all there was to the background.
Then, there's the seal of Decarabia and then a pentagram. (Decarabia is usually depictedas such, so I've heard)

Background: It's red. Lots of red. Why? Because red is cool.
There's Another Picture In The Background: That's the Fool Arcana Card. Tarot enthusiasts may be wondering what deck it's from. It's not. It's the picture used in Persona 3 & 4. The Fool Arcana is the arcana that Izanagi belongs to.
The Chick Behind Your Name: That's Izanami. She's a goddess of Japanese mythology. She is goddess of Creation and Death, whereas Izanagi is a deity born of the seven divines generations or something of the such. They were husband and wife before Izanami died in childbirth. The image used in the signature is her artwork from NINE, I belive. [Spoilers to a MegaTen game are cut out]
What's with the yellowish stuff: In Persona 4, a main part of the plot is the yellow fog that mysterious appears in town after a few days of rain.
The Name: Prettied up in GIMP. Made with some site I found. (
Time: Approx. 36 minutes.

This one was put off a lot because I hate Legion.
What I did was take every single signature (not their backgrounds, the sig themself) that I had made up to that point and used transparency to combine them. You slap on Legion and the flame effects.

Edges of Sig: Need transparency. T_T
Pretty much nothing new that requires explaining.
Not one of my better ones because of how pixely the edges of the render are.
I think this was my first time using Cool Metal for a signature, because usually after the affect is applied, it's hard to copy+paste.
I just made five more versions of the final during this while playing with Cool Metal again, but this is probably the definite.

I don't feel like going into the rest, because they're either more complex than I want to explain, or they're exactly the same from what I've always done.

Ose looks like shit. XD That's the point where I ran out of ideas.
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