Fanchara Digimon: Svipdramon Picture

Continuing my work on my older Digimon Frontier creation, I give you the Double Spirit of Lightning of my human character Robin Yamamoto.. Don't really have too much to say about it, since the concept of the Double Spirits is that they are just a mix of parts from both the Human Spirit and Beast Spirit.


Description: With the combination of the Human and Beast Spirit of Lightning, Svipdramon takes the stage as a knight turning into the shape of a dragon. With the mind and tenacity of Gramon and the monsterous strength and defenses of Donnermon, Svipdramon is sure to be a formidable opponent to face on the battlefield.

With the added ability to fly and with a stronger armor, Svipdramon is much faster than the likes of Gramon and can take alot more damage before she even starts feeling any pain from said injuries. While she may not be as skilled in the sky as the likes of Donnermon, she can hold her own against most other flying opponents.

Svipdramon prefers fighting on her own and usually keeps a distance from her allies, thus risk giving the opponent(s) the chance to gang up on her in battle. While her attacks serve their purpose of eradicating her target(s), she has little to no control over their destructive power. She's as likely to blow up her opponent(s) and her comrade(s) if they're standing too close to each other.

"Svipdra"= Norse Mythology, Svipdagr (Old Norse for "Swift Day") was a hero who was transformed into a dragon by Odin as punishment for angering him.
English, Dra is short for Dragon
Group: Phantom Dragon Warrior
Attacks: Cursed Dragon Claw, Dragon Spark Blade,

Cursed Dragon Claw: Her Donnermon arm start to generate and crackle with black and green energy, and proceeds to attack by either punching, slashing or tearing her target(s) apart with brutal force and high speed. The energy is so potent that it will disintegrate anything that stays in contact with it, meaning it enables Svipdramon to break through enemy defenses.

Dragon Spark Blade: Hers arms crackle with green electricity and generates long torrents of lightningbolts from them, which move to hit the enemy in a spiraling formation. Each connecting strike generates a powerful explosion upon impact with the target.


Pico Spirit: Kleindramon
Human Spirit: Gramon
Beast Spirit: Donnermon
Double Spirit: Svipdramon
Z-type Spirit:
Ancient Spirit:

I own Svipdramon, I don't own the Digimon franchise.
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