BlueDorm FairytaleCreature App Picture

  • Use the right application sheet (Teacher, Violet Dorm, Blue Dorm) and place your character on it.

  • Put the necessary biography information into the submission description

    Humans: --------------------------------------------------Fairytale/Mythological Creatures
    (Homecountry?)------------------------------------------(Fairytale/Myth they are from?)
    Other important facts

  • Put a link to your application sheet into your join request and add which dorm you want to be placed in. EVERY application without a link to an application sheet will be auto-declined!

  • Please add the aimed classes/classes suggestion into the join requests for TEACHER applications!

  • This group has a certain art level. Of course this doesn't mean that you have to be a professional to get into this group. But we also aim to create conceptional art and only 100% original creations are allowed to this group. This means: No Pixel Bases, no traced art, no half-assed app sheets please. Give your best~ Only if you give your best, you'll be able to develop as an artist.

  • Both Digital Art and Traditional art are highly encouraged~ But make sure that your Application Sheet doesn't lose too much of it's quality because of unclean scans.

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