Vodenjak-Vodyanoy-Vodnik-Water Spirit Picture

Vodyanoy (Rus) Vodenjak (serb) Water Spirit (eng), is essentially an evil and vindictive spirit whose favourite sport is drowning humans. Anyone bathing after sunset, on a holy day, or without having first made the sign of the cross risks being sucked into the water by the vodyanoy. He can assume many different forms that enable him to deceive and trap his victims. The vodyanoy lives alone in his particular body of water and is known to favour rivers with strong currents and swamps. Beliefs about this Demon (or spirit if you like) are widespread in Serbia, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Belarusia, Czech and Ukraina.

Media: water colors
Date of creation: 2011
Format: A4
Author: Vladimir Petkovic
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