Trunkon Picture

Yes, I'm re-starting my gallery from scratch. This is one of my original kaiju creations based off of the mysterious crptid dubbed ''Trunko'' : [link]

Name: Trunkon

43 meters (standing)
27 meters (on all fours)

Mass: 18,000 tons

Powers/abilities: Able to expell a gamma ray burst from mouth and the biolumnescent spots on its chest helps charge said gamma ray, has a prehensile proboscis, extraordinary swimmer, actually an invertebrate with a hard indestructible exoskeleton covered with fur-like setae, able to sense things with strong senses of smell and hearing, has hidden gills which makes it amphibious, able to run at high speeds when on all fours, sharp claws, powerful lobster tail, able to stand extreme conditions, autotropic.

Bio: Once a member of a species of undiscovered mythological creatures part of Eskimo lure, it wandered into a nuclear weapons testing in Antarctica, where the explosion mutated the creature, ultimately creating Trunkon.

More kaiju designs coming in the future!
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