The First Dragon Picture

First off: I'm not sure if this is where this image goes. I apologize if it's not.

Oookay... this'll take a little bit of explaining.

Once upon a time I had planned to write an Alternate Universe fanfiction where a ton of the mythological creatures of human folklore (and maybe one or two of my own creation) weren't actually myths but real and simply forgotten about by human society. In it Rodney McKay was actually a dragon. One thing was going to lead to another and his best friend from two hundred years previously was going to be brought forward in time to be on Atlantis instead of Ireland. (or was it Scotland?)

Then even more things were going to happen and the leaders of the 'mythological creatures' (called the Council of Races) were going to meet for the first time in fifty years. Give or take a couple decades.

Arguments would be had and all the Races were going to declare war on humans except for five, and dragons were going to be one of the ones on the side of us humans.

Now, to understand what would have happened next, you also have to understand that in this fanfiction the dragons were nearly extinct. There's but a couple thousand still alive, and while they're all at an age that, in relative terms to us humans, the dragons would have been those old people that are so thin and crippled they're only skin and bone.

But, Dragons are immortal. They can't die of old age or illness, so they just kinda go to sleep. And they never stop growing, not once. So the oldest dragons are holy-jesus-fuck big. And while they don't have much energy, the eldest dragons still have all that strength that comes with gaining the size that they do.

In the fanfiction Rodney was going to put out a call to all the dragons of the world that they were at war. That would include the dragon version of God. (only the dragon god is flesh and bone about as old as the dinosaurs instead of a mere 2000.) The Himalaya's? Aren't actually mountains.

The First Dragon (or 'First' as she's called by her fellow dragons) went into a super deep hibernation just after the meteorite hit the earth and started the chain of events that would kill off the dinosaurs. Underneath her wing was hidden a hundred of her eggs. So when the ice age hit she was safe as well as her kind. For the entire time that the ice age controlled our beautiful planet First provided her children with a safe haven to breed and live in, as well as enough heat to survive. When the ice age ended First woke up enough to have another batch of eggs then went back to sleep.

And is now known as the Himalayan mountains. Dirt and snow has built up on her, through the natural passage of time and the efforts of the other dragons wishing to keep her location a secret from the other races.

When I was originally looking for a map to base the idea off of I was just going to have a couple of the mountains be a dragon in hiding, but when I saw the shape that the Himalayas were in... I couldn't resist. The map itself is shamelessly stolen from THIS site.
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