D.A.M.M.E.D App. Felix Dail Picture

Name: Felix Dail

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Height: 190cm

Weight: 80kg

Rank: Senior apparently *squeals*

Partnering Demon: [link]

- Glomping
- Research
- Running away
- Loyal

- Demon features like horns, fuzzy ears, tails, etc (he loves seeing those features so if you have any of those..he would die of happiness xD...well not die...but you know what i mean XD)
- ice cream
- Fire (deadly scared of it)
- Long explanations

Felix is happy and hyper all the time. He can act a bit childish sometimes, and he is VERY clumsy. He can be walking slowly on the road, and trip on a twig. He is also very curious. If he has any doubts, he will try to find an answer...or most of the time...make up answers.

Around others, Felix tends to hug cute people or any cool demon. He is OBSESSED with demons, so he will research as much of the demon as possible.. so he may take out a small notebook, glasses, and ask demons random questions like "What kind of cheese do you like?" or "Do you melt if water is thrown at you?"

Felix comes from a rich family, so as a child, he was home-schooled and never had contact with the outside world. To kill time, he would spend days reading mythology books. During his 15th birthday, he was allowed to go out on a small trip to a library, and once he came back, his house had exploded and all his family was killed. While his house was still on fire, Felix ran towards the fire and looked everywhere for any sign of life, but couldnt find anyone.

The reason why Felix wears a glove in one of his hands, its because of his scars from the touching the fire while trying to reach out to the only thing he could save from his home; his favorite notebook. Nobody could find out who caused his family's death, the policemen just assumed it was a demon attack, but Felix didnt believe that. Later Felix decided to leave his past life behind, and moved on to find a demon to befriend...or try to befriend.
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