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Nerd time!

When I was trying to think who would be king of the robots, my mind kept going back to Durandal, the over-powered god-like AI from Bungie's Marathon games. That was someone, I felt, who could legitimately rule over an entire island filled with refugee robots of varying sizes, smarts, and destructive forces.

Hence the creation of Laranudd. There are many connections to his inspirer, mostly in name: Laranudd is an anagram of Durandal, and while Durandal was the name of Roland's Unbreakable Sword, Laranudd is also called the Unbroken Shield. The name Laranudd also has Celtic ties, as it contains part of the name for the Celtic Lord of the Dead, Gwyn ap Nudd. This is partly in reference to the fact that Laranudd was originally programed based on the brain patterns of a dead dragon, and also to the fact that Celtic mythology is just damn cool.

Story and line work by *Agent-Elrond

Clean up and fill inking by *ArofaTamahn

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