Mellia Picture

Guardian of one of the sacred Phoenixes of Amon Tor, Melia the Flaming has spent most of her life trying to pierce the mysteries of the Magic of Fire, the “Heart of Morgoth.”
The solid alliance between the Colleges of Magic of Númenor and the Predicators of Aman have brought her many answers : Magic has nothing to do with the faith within her. Fire is a demonstration of Morgoth’s power and Magic is the way to modify Creation. The Magician who abuses of her powers exposes herself to the wrath of the one god…
But Melia’s quest doesn’t end here : she has joined a group of pilgrims who have embarked on a crusade to fulfil her destiny and to improve her knowledge of the Arcana. Maybe Morgoth is not in the sanctuaries and the tombs, but in the heart of Magic itself ?
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