Obit - Sneak Peek Picture

Something is going to happen in the Obit story! I briefly mention Loki in the creation of Obit and Vey and how Death came to get the clay they were made with. But I hadn't thought of actually making him into a character. The one on the left is one of Loki's forms and the one on the right is Death. Sorry... We were drawing on whiteboards.

Loki is now going to be a major part in Vey's story. He is involved in Obit's as well but very slightly. I can't really give anything away yet cause I have to do a chapter breakdown and everything and then I'll be able to post what I've got.

For anyone who doesn't have much knowledge about Norse mythology, Loki is the God of Mischief, a shapeshifter. That's why he's shown as female.

Left Drawing By ~kaa-san
Right Drawing By ~NerdyAndLovinIt
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