The Guder Legende Picture

The Guder Legende is copyright to myself and my alias. Replication of this breed by any shape or form will not be tolerated. I will hunt you down and make sure you know just what you're dealing with.

Guder Legende are not an open breed for creation. You may NOT obtain an immortal GL under any circumastance. The only way to get a strain of GL is to ask for a breeding from available gods and goddesses. The outcome of the beast or horse will be determined partially on the GL's mythological background and a random generator.

If you do not want your beast or demi god after a while, do not sell it. Give it back to myself and they will be put under my care.

If you intend to breed your beast or Demi god, the bloodlines will water and further offspring will retain no or less then 10 percent of the powers or looks that their sire or dam possessed.


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