PL: Irene Picture

Name: Irene Grivas
Height: 5'4
Age: 24
Year of Creation: 2010

Genre: Mythology
Postion: Citizen

Personality: Short-tempered and snippy, she hates when people don't get to the point. Although usually very straight-faced and calm, Irene is very easy to set off, becoming grumpy and irritated by almost anything that does not meet her own standards. She despises when people joke around or use sarcasm during serious situations, but she hates all sorts of other things as well; often, she changes her opinions based upon what she is currently agrivated at/about.
She is very willing to help others in training at skills, sometimes forcing it upon them if she deems them to be weak or unproductive members of society. Irene just means business.

Brief Bio: Growing up in a thieving clan of Harpies, she was considered a terrible bandit by all of her sisters. They teased her playfully, but she would beat herself up over it, jumping to the conclusion that she was the absolute worst harpy-woman, ever. At one point, Irene tried joining an academy where she thought she could improve her skills, but was rejected, and thus became even further frustrated with herself. Mopey and lacking self-esteem, she decided it was time to get her act together and get with the program. For three years she vigorously trained herself in flying to balance out her her weakness at thievery. However, she is still searching for a purpose; a way to put her ability to use.

- Must please superiors! Must scold inferiors!.
- Used to wear dresses, and had a very nice collection that one of her sisters stole for her, but she threw them away. She now misses them from time to time.
- Terrible at being sneaky, deceptive, or tricky. Lacks street-smarts.
- When frustrated can become very emotionally charged and prone to breakdowns and freak-outs.

**oh, uh, her right wing isn't smaller than her left, it's just going off the page at a stupid fake angle that doesn't exist waytogohannahnicedrawingskills

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