Bog Spirits Return Picture

While touring the beautiful Black Mamba sim in SecondLife, I happened across this spooky looking Face Cave on a mountainside by a pond. My mind conjoured thoughts of ancient dark rituals still being practiced here on these virtual lands by a remote tribe with strong Pagen beliefs to the spirits of the lands around them.

My artwork introduced the return of the "Bog Spirits" that lived in the nearby swamps. They were summoned to return to the dark alter within the Bog God's hollow face.

The fires inside the eyes of the chissled rock cave beamed the ominous glow that the rituals to call the spirits return was active. One could hear the chants and continous beating of the drums coming from inside the God's cavernous orafaces.

This work has been revised "For the MANIPS CENTRAL Mythology Gods and Goddess' Contest."

I took the original virtual photo and free-hand added the green bog mists in the shapes of the returning spirits. Then accentuated the glow from the fires that were burning within the eyes of this cave to a glowing beam. I added 2 of my own private stock texture layers overtop to accent the richness of the Bog God's stone face in the mountain.


  • All textures used to manipulate & enhance the main SL virtual photo are my own private stock textures. I have not published either of the 2 textures used in this work.

  • The main main bog spirit mountainside photograph is my own photograph from the virtual world of SecondLife. I abided by all terms and conditions formally set out by the owners of SecondLife - LindenLab Inc. when taking this photograph. See details of builders of the sim in SecondLife that I photographed below:
    • The SecondLife 3D Builders of the Sim I photo'ed...
    • Artists: Group Owners of this sim
    • SIM Name: Black Mamba Sim
    • SURL LM: [link]

This artwork is a Photo Manipulation that includes photo(s) taken within the virtual 3D worlds of SecondLife (aka SL). For those not aware of SL, in-world virtual photography of the 3D content created inside SL for use inside or outside of SL if taken on lands permitted by the content creator to take virtual photography is agreed to by all residents of the SL service and display their 3D creations in SL.

THIS IS NOT SCREENSHOTS OF A GAME & does not violate any DA Terms of Service.

All SL residents agree to conditional virtual photography of their content as part of the Legal Terms of Service agreement with LindenLab Inc - the owner/operator of SL. The rights of the photographer are equivilent to that of photographers in real life taking photographs of real life objects, subjects, scenery.

As such, formal permissions have been given to use these SL photographs I take as I abide by the conditions within SL and of the content creators. I go a step further & credit the 3D content creators and the location of the SL Sim where I took the photo (like GPS in real life). This is not mandatory but I feel they deserve the credit.

To all DA Group Admins or Contest Owners: Accept this statement as formal credit/permission of the photos I created within SL for this work. Thank you!

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