Dragonbuddies: kate and india Picture

I started a (still incomplete) series for-the-lulz where I'd draw my closest friends as types of dragon native to one of my headworlds: the rather dully named Old Realm Dragonworld. I tried to capture as much of their personality, personal symbolism, and general natures in the dragon, not really their physical appearances.
I posted these as I made them to tumblr, so 'scuse the copy-pasted descriptions if you've already read them.

The lovely Korini-chan (kate) and gloryb-o-x (india), neither of whom seem to use their dA that much anymore but hey, ask them for their tumblr's because that's where the gold's at.

-Kate is an Earth dragon. The element of Earth is associated with immutability, resource, substance, and stability. I picked it for Kate because she’s very creative but not in a Fire kind of way, and I associate her with comfort, earthly delights, and a desire to avoid change. Earth dragons can have rocky, beasty, earthy, or planty sort of appearances. They’re generally poor fliers or wingless, but have the power to move through the earth or trees. They can alter the ground surface, and accelerate the growth/vigour of plants and animals. The spiral is very important to Kate’s personal and headworld mythologies, so I included it all over the design. She also gets her derpy flappy wings, of course. She ended up as a sort of naughty looking salamander thing because that’s basically what Kate is, secretly.

-India is the element of Fire, the element of creation and destruction. The associations may seem to contradict, but there cannot be one without the other and Fire drives and symbolises that duality. I picked it for india because she is a deeply creative and passionate person in a variety of ways, but not in the same sturdy, adaptive way in which Earth is creative. India is a Smith Dragon. Smith Dragons are tainted with the Shade element of Black. Smith dragons are gifted artisans, using the same spontaneous, random aspect that Black dragons use in their magic. They are most often steel or metallic coloured and resemble Metal Dragons, but their teeth are black and their eyes flicker like fire. Most Smith Dragons are under the employ of the Stonemason Dragons in the Underearth. India’s dragon was giving me trouble for a long time until I realised that what it needed was more yellow and more circles. I dunno why india makes me think of yellow and circles, but there you go. I included antlers because that’s a very strong symbol object for her, and cool piercings because india has cool piercings. Smith Dragon fits her because she’s talented in many ways: drawing, writing, cooking, etc., and she makes me think of creating stuff. She’s also gentle but, like Kate, secretly very sassy.

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