Balekyradi :: Aunegar Picture

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This is just a half-arsed doodle I did sometime a while ago, to show a friend what they looked like.
Submitting cos I kinda wanna hurry up and get these creepybook things off my page hehe...

Pronunciation Guide! Oh joy, right? :/ In order of appearance below -
Yndatep / Yndatepien - IN-dah-TEPP / IN-dah-teh-PEE-enn
Balek / Balekyradi / Balekyradien - BAH-leck / bah-LECK-ih-RAH-dee / bah-LECK-ih-RAH-dee-yen
Pol Nyvaia - pohl Niv-AI-ah (wow, that was helpful, right?)
Nydamna - nih-DAHM-nah
garran - GARR-ahn (...)
dekun - deh-KOON
Myntoses - MIN-toh-SESS
aunegar - OW-neh-GARR
aunite - OW-nee-teh
That was tedious. - THAT (a as in cat) wuzz TEE-dee-uss

The Yndatepien religion, Balekyradi, says that when people die, they go to an infinitely deep oasis in the middle of an endless desert.
Off the banks of the Oasis (called Pol Nyvaia) is Nydamna's palace, which also contains a stairway to another plane, where the gods and goddesses (called dekun, I think) live.
Good people get to live in the palace, and some may even visit the gods and goddesses, if they wish.
(If you're curious - bad people drown endlessly in the Depths of the Oasis, until they've made up for their wrongdoings. So everyone gets to the Oasis eventually. Yay?)

Myntoses, the god of jewels and ores, crafted an aunegar for Nydamna, the first garran, when she died - and more for her children when they died.
Aunegar (pl. aunegarex) therefore, are the mythological servants of the Oasis. (btw, aunite is gold, and -gar is a shortened form of 'garran', here meaning 'person'.)
Balekyradien believers think that if/when you get to the Oasis, you are waited on, hand and foot, by one of these otherworldly beings composed of gold and fire made especially for you.
They can look like males or females, or genderless I guess, but it doesn't matter as to which one you get. I suppose they can change their appearance this way at will?

So, even though you can clearly see the picture up there, I'm gonna describe what they look like. 8P
Aunegar have golden skin and hair of ever-burning, yet harmless fire.
They share the symbols of the dekunex - long necks, no scales, and completely-colored eyes.
Their legs end in genie-like flames, which their tails also tend to merge into.

These are not angels in the Christian sense, as to orthodox Balekyradiens, they do not deliver messages or come to garra to protect people, etc.
There are a few offshoot sects, however, that say when you're in great danger, you can sometimes see a ball of fire flickering in the corner of your eye.

Jesus Christ. That was tedious.

Now I want to write up the Balekyradien creation story...

-Lee, wif <3
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