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Returning to the Characters introduced in the MangaDCU-Heroes: Fire in the Sky storyline!

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RJ Raymond, Firestorm (Arashi-no-Kaji), Dr. Stein

Phoenix Empress and Lorianne:…

The 9 Dragon Kings (Kyuudai Ryuu-ou) of Tatsuseken

The Kyuuryuuzukan (The Scroll of 9 Dragons) lists that the Great Dragon Emperor, Ryo-Wo fathered nine sons to watch over his kingdom in his absence. The Nine Dragon Kings, like all the other Immortals, go once a year to the palace in the High Heavans Plain (Takamagahara) to make an annual report to the Tenzai Shoshin; but they go in the third month, at which time none of the other immortals dare appear, and their stay above is brief. They generally remain in the depths of the oceans in their own realm of Tatsuseken. When in their own realm, they operate as a governing body for the Ryujin, answering only to their father. Normally, the Kings rarely are all in agreement on decisions and are split in thier stances on things down the middle 4:4 with one acting as the tie breaker. They are;

Arashi-no-Kaji: Raging Storm Fire Dragon
Yamata-no-Orochi: Eight Forked Devil Dragon
Mizuchi-no-Seiryu: Piercing Azure Water Dragon
Ryushin-no-Kuzu: Nine Crowned Rock Dragon
Uwibami-no-Hayai: Swift Devourer Sky Dragon
O'goncho-no-Kikin: Golden Plumed Famine Dragon
Kurikara-no-Fudou: Relentless Steel Wrath Dragon
Hanriu-no-Koudo: Crystal Horned Earth Dragon
Yofune-no-Nushi: Swirling Sands Blood Dragon

He also sired three daughters; Toyotama, Otohime, and Tametebako.

Ronald Jason (RJ) Raymond:
Since Firestorm is all about fusion, I decided to merge the characters of Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch into RJ. Using the Brave and the Bold character design as a basis, I tried to return to the youth and vigor of Ronnie/Jason and the intellect and wisdom of Stein in the Firestorm matrix. I kept the colorscheme from TBatB as well, but gave him the hoodie and sneakers to look more athletic. I see him as a sports, skateboard, freerunner after his contact with the Dragon's Pearl. His father, Edward Alvin Raymond (Edward Raymond and Alvin Rusch) is also a mix of the fathers of the two characters.

As stated in Fire in the Sky, I formulated the design of the Dragon King from the DA pic Dragon Warrior. The "sun" on Firestorm's chest represents his Flaming Dragon Pearl power source. The three red circles that orbit it represent the souls of RJ, Stein, and Arashi-no-Kaji. Firestorm possesses the traditional powers of a Dragon King; Strength, Fire Projection, Knowledge of the Scholars, Shapeshifting, Flight, and the ability to ward off evil spirits. The only ability he doesn't retain is his ability to turn into a dragon. He does have the ability to call other dragons to him, tho. When they split back into RJ, and Dr. Stein, each of them have a half of the Dragon Pearl(in the crescent shape of yin & yang, respectively) that they wear as Dragon Tear amulets. The amulets are patterned on the tomoe shaped magatama (jewel that comprises part of the Imperial Regalia). They form Firestorm by combining the pieces and fusing together. Each can summon the other to their location to do so. After researching the Scroll of Nine Dragons and some legends that stated the Dragon King(who I upgraded to emperor) had nine sons, I decided that they would be the kings under him. With the New 52 development of having multiple Firestorms, this falls in nicely with what I have established and can extrapolate some of those characters into the Dragon Kings. As such, each DK is based in actual dragon lore and mythology...mostly Japanese. I decicded almost instantly that the Yamata-no-Orochi would be one of these dragons, and then I began to craft similar names (featuring -no- ) for the others. Yamata-no-Orochi will be the MDCU equilvialent of Firestorm villain, Multiplex. I liked the weapon in the Dragon Warrior pic and decided to keep it. Each Dragon King will have their own signature weapon. Yamata-no Orochi will retain his legendary Kusanagi, Dragon Straight Sword.

Dr. Martin Stein:
I also combined the characters of the BatB version of Coach Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein to create Dr. Stein. I used Coach Raymond's colorscheme from his sweatsuit and gave him the red/maroon colored scrubs with a longer sleeved grey shirt underneath. This was also to have the two elements have red and yellow in their designs that are prevealent in Firestorm. Rather thatn a physics professor or gym teacher, I made this version a specialist in medical pathology and is the head of the diagonostic department in his hospital. Stein has dual specialties in immunology and infectious diseases, and was the head physician on Rj's case when he took ill. The fact that he could not figure out the cause of his illness weighed heavilly on him, prompting him to enter the Dragon Pearl that was brought by the boy's grandfather to save his life...and his soul.

- The fact that I changed the race of Captain X (Ronnie's grandfather) to make him the Global Captain of Africa was another reason that I chose to merge the african american jason with the caucasian Ronnie.
- I gave the red Dragon Tear Amulet to Rj and the yellow to Dr. Stein so it wouldn't clash with their outfits.
- While in the Firestorm Matrix, either Rj or Dr. Stein can assume control of Firestorm while the other communicates and observes mentally. Through concentration they can access the memories of Arashi-no-Kaji, but they have to work in concert.
- I wanted to acknowledge the established legends involving the Dragon King's daughter. As Otohime and Toyotama are different names for the same person, I made them sisters so that Toyotama could still marry the human, Hoori and Otohime could be involved in Aquaman's story.
- Tamatebako was originally the name of the gift given to Urashima Taro after he visited the Dragon Palace, Ryujugo.
- Tatsu- dragon; seken- world, society
- I gave the shapeshifting ability (meaning to change the shape of objects other than himself) to Firestorm to replace his moloecular reconstruction ability.
- I wanted to retain the legend of Suanoo and Yamata-no-Orochi, so in his dragon form, Yamata can grow 7extra heads and 7 extra tails for a total of eight each. he can then split into 16 individual one headed one tailed dragons(which can also convert back to his human form). 7 of these dragons were killed in their battle, forming smaller dragon pearl's that formed the legend which lead to the creation of the Kyuuryuuzukan.
- Orochi will be searching for his missing pearls to reclaim his full power.
- Ryushin-no-Kuzu is the eldest, most fearsome, and powerful of the nine Dragon Kings.
- Until Ryo-Wo regains his full power and adulthood, the Dragon Kings rule Tatsuseken together, so Rj and Stein have to continue to operate as Arashi-no-Kaji so as not to arouse suspicion that he was killed by mortals, reigniting a war.

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