Of Queens And Dragons Picture

Hi all. Yet another digital art piece of mine... As usual, it's originally drawn in pencil on paper. This was one of my creations during the most boring lessons of the school term and was just a simple sketch on lecture paper. You know, all those lined papers which we use for compositions, essays, note-taking...The lines do help some bit when it comes to getting the proportions to look right.

Anyway, I dug it out from my school bag during the holidays (yay, November and December end of year holidays...) and decided that it looked pretty good, only it was roughly shaded and kinda dirty looking. So I scanned it into the computer, and by means of Photoshop 0.7 (it's starting to become my favourite drawing programme) I outlined it, coloured it in, added a background and did all those fancy stuff, like shadows...

This is also my...err...you could say, my first attempt at drawing dragons...which by the way, look a bit odd now. You might also wonder what the black little strokes are...Those are arrows by the way. If you think it looks quite unnatural, yeah, it's my bad. I couldn't seem to draw it right...A little help here?

Alrighty-O. Of Queens And Dragons....Hope you like it and give me lotsa comments to work on....I'd be grateful. ^^ BIG THANKS TO LADY DAINE FOR STAYING ALWAYS MY FRIEND AND FIRST TO CRITICISE MY WORK. x))) And for those who are going to criticise my work, THANKS IN ADVANCE. ^^
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