Original Character: Pele, v.2 Picture

Susan "Pele" Johansson was one of the first original characters I ever created. In the years since her creation, she has undergone numerous change — some major, some minor.

She started out as a witch in a fantasy-inspired universe. But, as the years went on, and I started relying less-and-less on the fantasy genre, any supernatural aspect of her was dropped. Instead, in her current incarnation, she is a practitioner of the Feri Tradition (a pagan religion) — but simply regards any 'spells' as 'prayers.

She earned her nickname, "Pele," from her Polynesian heritage (she's half-Hawaiian, half-African American), from the fact that she's been openly pagan since middle-school (she initially converted as a method of pissing off her parents), and from the fact that she has a very, very bad temper (much like the mythological Hawaiian goddess, Pele).

Comments greatly appreciated!

You can see another version of her here [link] .
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