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very glad to have finished this one, as I'm not super pleased! But I won't spend forever trying to make it better. Move on move on

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Just for ~good form~, here's a lengthy list of references

"The Great Rose Window"of Chartres Cathedral
Windows of Georgetown University
Main Chapel of Santa Croce
19th c. Northern Indian clothing: Rajasthani chogas, brocade Angarkhas, Mughal Khilats, Parsi caps, Avadh Family female wedding attire, Jaipar jewelry, kangans
Kiani Crown, The Pahlavi Crown, Emerald Belt of Nasr-ed-Din
Carnevale masqueraders in Piazza San Marco
Horus and Isis pendant of Osorkon II
The Book of Kells - Folio 33r, 258r, 309r
The Ellesmere Chaucer: The Knight's Tale intro page
Goreme, Cappadoccia in Turkey
A ring I got an an antique store
A yellow shawl I got at a hippie supply store
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