Panthalassa Picture

"During the Purification War, where mankind massacred the third, and newest of the gene clades, they turned toward the Ninkans and Merinens, who were killed all around the world[...] nowhere to go, the few thousand remaining turned to Runica Technologies, the omnipotent corporation, stronger than any country, to ask for asylum, it is said that Rune himself, founder of RT, opened the gates allowing them to enter, just before angry masses of humans arrived to try to break in and murder them all, however, the great dome above Runic Techs HQ sustained it all while somehow all Ninkans and Merinens were transfered by unknown ways toward RT's private space elevator, taking them away from danger[...] The races were settled inside two orbital cities, where RT's fleet fend off the rest of Solfleet from destroying the habitats, and the races within[...]"

"[...] Four months after setting the embargo on the attacking nations, a deal was sealed between Earth and Runic Technologies, Humans would not attack anymore, while the clades did not set foot on any human world, nor built any new city to inhabit, thus imprisoning them inside two massive jails[...]"

"[...] Cargo ships filled the cities with supplies, machinery and much more, and once done, Rune himself adressed the races, they were to become the first colonists aboard an FTL 'ship', using a secret new engine, to make a new home a quarter way around the galactic disk, in two systems his robot probes found to have beautiful worlds, away from humans, where they could prosper in peace... the engines were charged, and both cities vanished from Sol forever, later on, RT's public announcement was that an experimental weapon had been stolen from their headquarters by a Purist and detonated onboard the cities, thus killing all inside, in their happiness, humans did not question that further[...]"

"[...] The Merinens, the water people, capable of living under and above the waters, reached a world covered in blue, only small islets breaking the water mantle... in awe, they maded their new homeworld for the ancient ocean of Earth, Panthalassa, all sea[...]"

"[...] Advances in planetary engineering lead to the creation of Atlantis, the largest landmass of Pathalassa, designed for ample water supply, it is based in the mythological city of yore, which tales say had such a shape. The central island is the world's land capital, and home to the single space elevator[...]"

"[...] In recent years, Panthalassa has become a mayor exporter of seafood, and other marine rarities, shipped all the way to Earth and beyond [...]"
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