Ria reference Picture

Personality- Quiet, strong willed, anti-social(to most), clever,tactical, Cruel(towards clones/people who created them)
clan-Thunder Clan

Ria lost her mother,father, and her little sister from an attack from the clones on her clan 9 years ago when she was only 7 years old and she has been on her on since then. Before the attack she was known to be a very happy and a joyful person but after she lost her family her personality changed drastically, she is quiet and may even seem cold-hearted. All she wants is to get revenge for her family and kill anyone who is involved with the creation of the clones. But deep down she is a very caring person but she never show's it. The only person she shows her feeling is her best friend Joltz that she found as an egg orphaned, a week before the attack on her clan. She acts anti-social to almost everyone and doesn't want to get close to anyone so she wont hurt herself anymore with disappointment. She does later on though develop a crush on a mew name Kai who is also trying to stop the creations of the clones. But when she learns of his past her feelings will change drastically......

Her relationships with different pokemon-
Joltz- He is her best friend and like a little brother to her
Kai- has a slight crush on him, but gets annoyed with him most of the time
Luca-Her rival, and probably one of the only people she doesn't really mind talking to since she shares her interests in mythology and they come from the same clan

Likes- reading, Practicing her attacks
Dislikes- almost anything to do with socializing with people,
Hobby- Likes reading about mythology and history, Battling

Thunder bolt
Iron Tail
Double team
Volt Tackle

Ability- Static

Joltz- [link]
Luca-Coming soon
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